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MTA 0.21 Server screwing with my System Clock

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I upgraded to version 0.22 today, so I'm not sure if this problem is still occurring or not; and I'm not even certain it's related at all to the MTA Server, but I thought I'd ask here just in case...

I've noticed that ever since running the MTA server 24/7, my system clock runs much faster than it should. It speeds up by about 10 minutes per day; each morning I sync my clock with "Internet Time" so that it's relatively 'correct', and each morning it has to adjust it by 10 minutes backwards.

Is this a known issue with the server?

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There is absolutely _no_ code in the Server / Client / Admin that would cause this type of behaviour, and this is something that has never been reported before or noticed by myself.

It has to be some sort of conincidence ....

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