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google SketchUp ?


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Hello ,

I'm good at using google sketchup

I made some models/buildings

how I can put them into my server ?

as I need them as .col, .dff, and .txd ..

i know only dff & txd

dff : u need 3ds max

txd : txd workshop

col : col editor * i think , cuz i dont relly no anythin about it

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 function loadSketchup () 
txd = engineLoadTXD ( "yourfile.txd" ) -- replace yourfile.txd with your file, you can use folder/yourfile.txd for folder 
engineImportTXD ( txd, id ) -- replace id with the object id 
dff = engineLoadDFF ( "yourfile.dff", id ) -- replace yourfile.dff with your file, you can use folder/yourfile.dff for folder and id with the object id 
engineReplaceModel ( dff, id ) --- replace id with the object id 

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