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Problem with the GUI

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Hello every body.

Iam having a serious problem with a GUI, Where what i want is:

I did a gui and its almost done, But what i want is , I want this GUI to appear when the player hits the marker

Because every time i start the resource, The GUI appears, I simply want it to appear when It hits the marker

I know about onClientMarkerHit

But i need a simple example on making the gui appears when the element hits the marker

Please give me an example if you can so

Thanks for your time.

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First, you must hide the GUI after being created with: guiSetVisible, then you create a marker with: createMarker and use the: onClientMarkerHit event with guiSetVisible.

Oh right, I forgot guiSetVisible at first to make it not visible first i forgot this mistake

Thanks, And it would probably work iam sure, It was just a mistake from me to forget something like that as i added guiSetVisible(Gui,true) at first, I just replaced with false.

Thanks, Solved.

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