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I think francisuk22 didn't really understand the question. The TS already has a server.

First of all, you need to decide which OS you are going with. Both OSes have their advances.

1. Linux

I would personally advice Linux Debian. Since I started to use Debian, I haven't had any problems which I couldn't easily solve. Of course you do need some basic knowledge of Linux commands, because you sometimes need to solve problems which cannot be solved by the control panel.

If you have installed Linux, you must select a control panel. Since I'm not here to advice my own products, I think you should use Webmin in combination with Usermin. In the webmin part you setup some custom commands and make those accessible under the Usermin part. Of course you can do this without Usermin, but if you have a seperate account for every server, it just works easier. Also your FTP server can be managed by Webmin, or you can always use SFTP (FTP over SSH).

As a second option, you can use a control panel made by us. This panel is available for as little as 5 EUR each month and is able to support you in various ways. The control panel has easy 1-click server install. It currently supports MTA San Andreas, SAMP and Counter Strike 1.6. If you want more information about this panel, please contact me.

2. Windows Server 2008+

Windows Server is for the more common PC user the best choice. Windows Server still has the same layout as normal Windows desktop editions. You can just start a server etc. The advantage of using Windows Server instead of a normal desktop edition of Windows is that it also has support for easy installation of roles like IIS for serving the Web.

You must also consider your internet speed. If you have a connection with an upload of just 1MBit, you can only server 1-2 players. A normal calculation would be that you need about 0.75-1MBit per player, depending on your resources.

I hope you know a little bit more about hosting your own servers at the moment. If you want to start selling your servers, always use Linux, because it is free. You don't want your company to get in trouble just because you use illegal editions of Windows or because you spent too much money on Windows licenses.

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