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Requesting a scriptor for a new gamemode!


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Hey everyone im looking for a scripter for a new server idea

My idea is there are 3 major states LV/LS/SF and this is a civil war going on

And you must choose which state to side with and destroy all other nations to bring peace

The objective of the game is to conquer all other states

When u join a state you can either join an offical group and fight with them or make ur own little group

You start off with 10k, a pistol, and 1 amour refill and 2 health packs

When your group decides to attack another state it can choose either Air Land or a Water based attack

You get 1k per kill

To gain control of another state you must have stayed at an enemy check point for at least 60 seconds to take control of it and get 5k from every check point you get

With the money you earn there are many things you can buy such as

ALL weapons although mini-gun will cost 2 million

Amour, Health kit, Invicibily,Invisibilty, Fast reload, extra health, Fast game speed , Slow game speed and more

If a state gets control of all 3 states every player will get 500k

Check points return to each state once a state has taken over SA

I dont have anymore to pay scriptors so all i can give u is admin rights i hope this idea can change ur mind

If you have any suggestions or comments please post back

Thank you!

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Lol, you need a mapper? im a pro maper for RP/Race/DM/DD/Ect...... maps, tell me all about it and i can make it as good as i can. but, im not sure if i help u with mapping, i still need to learn LUA and script for my server

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