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probem with mute timer


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hello, i have a problem with removing a mute after given time.


setTimer(setPlayerMuted, timeAmount, 1, chosenPlayer, false) 


local timeAmount = guiGetText(gui.edit[1]) 

why do I get un-muted directly?

I trigger the "timeAmount" so that's not the problem, nothing in debug either and


outputs the time given in the edit

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solved; it was because timer was set to "0" not "1"

but how can I make the "timeAmount" in minutes, not miliseconds

EDIT: Solved it by using:

local seconds = 60000 * timeAmount 
setTimer(setPlayerMuted, seconds, 1, chosenPlayer, false) 
outputChatBox("Muted for "..time.."  minutes") 

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