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MTA:VC question

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I first discovered MTA when the news that a new multiplayer mod for GTA3 was announced on slashdot. I was totally elated. I almost crapped my pants. That would really spice up our LAN parties, I thought. I quickly realized that MTA is in the very early development stages, but has huge potential. I've never played it, and don't plan to until it gets close to version 1. I don't want to ruin the experience with crashes and what not. I have a question and suggestion though:

1. GTA3 and VC feature race missions where you have to follow check points like in Midnight Club. Please tell me that there's multiplayer support for that because that would totally f-ing rock. I always liked the play control of VC better than MC.

2. It makes a lot more sense to me to just concentrate on MTA:VC development. The graphics engine and modelling are improved in VC. Why not concentrate on MTA:VC and maybe add the Liberty city map to it as many people seem to like it a lot. Even include the GTA3 guy as a playable character. And driving around Liberty on a bike? Sweet.

I'm hoping MTA:VC will be in prime condition for my next LAN, but it seems a ways off before it's ready for prime time. Keep up the good work, guys!


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I read in another topic that putting Liberty city in the game would make a major problem with game preformance and there would be many issues.

If someone did that, hopefully they can make most of the original cars, if not all, plus the bikes in VC and some modern helicopters.

0.2.2 has many crashes filter out. As long as no one on the server cheats, and they destroy any vehicle they are abandoning, everything will be fine.

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