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Radar Area

Tete omar

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i made this radar area


createRadarArea ( 2976.48046875, 3064.1752929688, -4000, -2500, 0, 255, 0, 100 ) 

i want a colshape fills this empty size , so if the player joined this area then outPutChatBox him something

this is the colshape i was trying to create,

createColRectangle ( 2976.48046875, 3064.1752929688, 4000, 2500 ) 

i want this colshape fill this colored radar area size with a tall height.

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i tried it with coleditor but i don't think that gonna help at least it takes 6 Hours than more if i created it with coleditor

And about this radar area i'm just determine the colshape position with this radar area, so i can easy create it as the radar area values

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You can set showcol command via the console and that will be much more easer to create your colshape than via coleditor.

it's a large part of the game map, can i do it with coleditor ? ill take all day if i create it with coleditor.

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I dind't mean coleditor. I meant /showcol command in development mode. You have to create your colshape with some arithmetic calculations anyway. The more comfortable way is unknown. But if you want to check someone in this area whay don't you use "isInsideRadarArea" function?

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