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Enrolling non-Lua developers


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I'm working on a gamemode for MTA, based on Team Fortress 2 (I'm not entirely sure at the moment, may keep it identical to TF2, or perhaps add a few twists of our own). Development is going well, the core is done - the only thing that seems to be a problem is how certain weapons work (such as the flamethrower), though some hacky setWeaponProperty stuff can somewhat fix it.

Anyway, I need some help with it. I don't need help with Lua (and won't be enrolling any other Lua developers - I've learned from the past that absolutely nobody can be trusted), but rather with media and graphics.

I am looking for three assistants to fill the following roles;

* Media Manager - Responsible for creating trailers, posters, adverts, and other media, for public use (technically this would also be the advertising manager). The Media Manager must also be able to extract imagery from Team Fortress 2 (for example, provide me with an image of the door, as used on the team selection menu).

* Engine Manager - Responsible for being a consultant on the GTA engine, and furthermore creating textures, particles, and whatever else, to be hooked into the GTA engine.

* Mapper - Responsible for creating the official maps that shall be redistributed with the software - will also create the maps that will be used for testing.

If you're interested in any of the roles above, feel free to either reply, or contact me via PM. It would help if you could provide evidence of work you have already done (links to community maps made by you, media you have made, work you have done with the GTA engine). I am not really bothered whether or not you are involved with any other servers, or run your own - as you will not be given any source code access, there won't be any trust issues.

Once the gamemode is stable, it will be freely distributed to anybody who wants to use it, but the source code will remain private. It will automatically handle maps that are loaded (there will be various types of map, including Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, and Capture Points), and will support your own Message of the Day, and configuration. If there is enough interest, and all goes well, there will be updates every few weeks, introducing new features and any bug fixes, if any bugs are discovered.

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lolwut I was having the same idea some days ago.

Sorry for the SPAM but this made me laugh because of that.

Good luck with the project, I want to beta-test it once you make some progress after getting developing assistants (if you actually can let me do it :D), since I'm a big fan of Team Fortress 2 too.

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I also like TF2, and I don't want to seem overly pessimistic, but... why? Won't people who want to play TF2 play the actual TF2?

I knew somebody would ask that. I guess it would have been better if I made this gamemode before TF2 was free, but nonetheless, there are hundreds of players (especially in MTA) that either don't have Steam, don't want to install Steam, cannot download TF2, have computers that cannot handle TF2, and many more reasons. I've already had a few people saying they'd love to use the gamemode once it's stable, and try it out. Remember, as the GTA engine has it's limitations (due to how weapons work, being third person, etc) it will invoke some modifications that give it a twist, and make it GTA-like, whilst being based on TF2. So, it won't be an exact replica of TF2, there will be a few GTA SA features mixed with it.

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