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Problem with Pulling data or something of another

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Somehow this does not want to unpack properly yet, does at the same time..

local resppos = getElementData(theVehicle, "respawnposition") 
local x, y, z, rx, ry, rz = unpack(resppos) 

What I mean by this is, if I debug and tell it to output: "outputDebugString(x.." "..y.." "..z)" it outputs all the data.

I even did

if not x or not y or not z or not rx or not ry or not rz then 
outputDebugString("This is the issue here.") 

and nothing was output so I put

outputDebugString("This is somehow the issue.") 

and it output the data there.

And when I look at the debug in game without any other debug I get this

ERROR: bad argument #1 to 'unpack' (table expected, got boolean) 

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If getElementData isn't returning a boolean, that error is impossible based on the code you've posted. As the error message says, unpack is getting a boolean, which means that that's what you got out. It's really hard to say any more without seeing more code.

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