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well heres what happened folks.

round one: we fought at the news building, but i made a bad call and told them to be robbers, thus putting them in a difficult situation. east stormed the building, and proceeded to kill us without losing any men :cry: great job east ur the first to beat us there :P

round two: it was there turn to hole up, and they holed up at phils place. we fought them and returned the favor by slaughtering them without losing any men :P

round three: this round was a ffa to settle it. early in the round i took eastboy out with my choppers blades, and then it exploded. iggy and ancyker got taken out by gunfire from east, and well i cant think of any way to say this without saying it this way, BUT I KILLED EVERYONE :P thus resulting in ransom and i being the only ones left standing for vcp, round, and game, to vcp.

good job east, that was one of the funnest matches that weve had, its something i wouldnt mind doing again :P

i have some screenies, but i dont know where to host them so oh well :P [/img]

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