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hey guys, I have a question. I'm supposed to do a script that every 24 hours (00:00) of real life it starts a function (and I've already made it). In the function that will be started, I need to get 2 random values, one from 0 to 23 and other from 1 to 5, I also did it (0 to 23 is the real time that a function will be started and 1 to 5 is which function will be started, there are 5 functions). So, after that, I needed to do almost 400 lines of "if ( hour == 0 and event == 101 ) then meteor end" to preview every possibilitie, so I'd like to ask you, is there any way to reduce this ammount of lines? It's really confused to explain and to read as well, so I'll put the script(download because it's 400 lines):


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You can use a table for example:

function Test() 
local Table = {{1--[[Hour]], 10--[[Event]]}, {2, 20}, {3, 30}} -- etc .. 
for data, value in ipairs(Table) do 
if Hour == value[1] and Event == value[2] then 
-- code 

Don't know if works just must be like this. If I understood you right :D.

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    if ( hour == 0 and event == 101 ) then 
    if ( hour == 0 and event == 102 ) then 
    if ( hour == 0 and event == 103 ) then 
    if ( hour == 0 and event == 104 ) then 
    if ( hour == 0 and event == 105 ) then 

You're calling functions wrong here.

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