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Well VCP owned the mini league, so we are starting a new 1, we are hoping to get a few more clans involved this time so post in here if you want to sign ur clan up (clan leaders only).

Saturday 8th November will be the last date to sign up and the matches will begin the week after.

The way this league is run this time will be alot better, we will have set servers every weekend to play the matches on, and at set times to avoid any confusions, if the clan cant get together at least 5 players to fight on the day of the game they will have to forfeit. Matches will be played weekly.

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If we get enough gangs this time it may not be a mini-league anymore. You actually may be able to call it an official MTA league ladder. Just as long as the mods and MTA team agree to this. :D

SM hasn't even finished the 1st mini-league yet. We still need to set up matches with VCS and VCK. I hope we can do this soon. :wink:

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I am not sure about our clan.Recently we had to remove most of our members from the clan cause they didnt show any sign of activity at all.Mik and a few other valuable members are currently on vacation and we're not sure when they'll be back.Anyway,long story told short...dont count on us. :? Sorry guys but we're on hiatus rit now! :(

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So looks like VCK are goin down then eh :!:

how many members have u actually got :?:

I will take you out of the league, and you will have untill the 8th November to decide on whether or not VCK will be in this 1.

Glad to see ur in anyways PiG

And Sat and Sun will be most likely what we use for games this time round, not sure untill we have final list of clans as too what exactly we will be doing this time . But this will be alot more organised and penalty's for clans not showing up for their match will keep the league moving nicely.

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Sess, we wont know untill 8th november, when we know how many clans we have in.

as for VCP, :shock: u disguist me :!: i knew u were dirty stanking cops, but ffs whinging pussy's as well :roll:

Due to the amount of 'girlyness' amongst some of the clans, i think we will have some referee's for the league matches, stop u all from scratching each others eyes out. :shock:

Ooooo And another, can i have the email addresses of all the leaders joining the league, so i can just mass mail u the server and match infomation.

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heh were back in the league. thats the short version. i WANT to fight now. i personally CANT WAIT for a match against sm(xenex). lemme put it this way xenex, i PROMISE u u wont survive a round that u fight it. AND U CAN QUOTE ME ON THAT.

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So let me get this straight, because deahb is pissed at me ,now his clan is in the league?Can your clan make up his mind already?And i dont think a co-leader should put his personal problems on the shoudler of his gang, but thats just what i think, not everyone thinks that way.

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