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A very wierd problem...

Guest goolip

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I'm running WinXP on a P4 2.4 with Gforce4 440MX.....

I have the GTA3 installed,

but when I try to install the MTA 0.4 - it stucks just before the installation finish...

it says "2 second..." and stucks! and I need to do "End Task"...

Then I go to the folder of the GTA3 and I see that the MTA is there!(remember - the installation DID NOT finished succesfully)

I can run the launcher, the mta.exe, the MTAdedconf, all of them!

when I run the game in GTA MTA mod, all works well and I can run the Multi Player!

but - when I run it, it shows me all the credits and a video that starts over and over...

So what is happening?

and how do I join a game?

oh and... How can I open a server of my own?

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