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Welcome.I want to on the server had 6 teams and each had a different name and the right to be able to enter the team that is ... : 1 Team: Legend Racers - Owners and to have joined the team need to have admin and the same with five other clans .. and just do not know how to do it in the script autoteam, HELP :)))

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The best u can doo, is to try to add, acl group check inside the script example : if player joined game with name "-lalala-HellNo" lalala is the tag for the " lalala" team, that u can make in autoteams script, acl admin rgihts check, example : VIP system by INVINCIBLE, uses the acl check functions, so if the player is in VIP team, but he's not added in ACL he wount use the VIP powers, sorry, i'm not good explainer.. but i hope that helped you.

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