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Some Suggestions 4 MTA

Guest Nixua

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More Skins and Modals

It would be good to see more profesions in there not got any suggestions

yet :P but we could have skins like when you move along to say

mexican you press up or down and it changes the skin or even the modal

this would add more varitey to the players. MTA team could

even make some maybe? or peeps could dontate them. So say

each occupation had 5 skins thats 5 times as many ways to look.

More Weapons and Vechiles

Im not sure if this one is possible but guessing that this is new map

for MTA would it be at all possible to add vechiles? not replace any of

the old ones but add ones just for MTA? also why arn't boats in the game?

and im not sure if it is already there bu a tank would be gooood.

Also you could include more of the weapons from the game dotted around

the map say a katana?

More Occupations

Come on this was obviously gonna happen. But you don't necersaraly need to use

the modals and tex from the game. You could add your own. This wouldn't

mod the single player because the single player won't be looking for them.

So you could have say a Triad occupation? were your a chinesse triad? or a Russian maybe? (Russian Mafia cooool) maybe even a Krays* occupation. But you could use any of the civilian modals and make say

Shopper occupation for the woman with shopping bags...... its only an idea...

*The Krays were two brothers of a set of three you became the mob bosses in East end london very cool.

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Two New Suggestions:

Audio Chat - Obvioius

More Interiors- Make more rooms to talk, fight, and orginise.

Make resruants, fight clubs, cinemas, etc,

also try to include places that arn't obviously diffrent but are safe houses

were you can't be shoot and die or kill people i.e. have 5 cinemas and

2 that are safe houses. This way you can have a real city. Because i am

already getting everyone in my school year to join thats about 105 people.

So why not make a bigger and better map?

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i have seen this hidden interiotrs mod about

y doesn't the mta team get permission to implement it into the map?

that would be funny

blasting some on with a shot gun while there in the lawyers office

and the greasy thing would make a good base

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