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Hi everyone

Well i have a qustion. How i can edit a ACL gropus

For example

Mods and smods cant set Money

then i need change acces to false, right?

Now, this is only to command? if i want disable the setMoney button in admin panel, How i can do?

something like this?

I need a little help. Please

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if you disable the command, the button will disable too.

That's right, Lil Toady did this:

_guiCreateButton = guiCreateButton 
function guiCreateButton ( x, y, w, h, text, relative, parent, right ) 
    local button = _guiCreateButton ( x, y, w, h, text, relative, parent ) 
    if ( button ) then 
        if ( right ) then 
            right = "command."..right 
            if ( not hasPermissionTo ( right ) ) then 
                guiSetEnabled ( button, false ) 
                _guiprotected[right] = button 
        guiSetFont ( button, "default-bold-small" ) 
        return button 
    return false 

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