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Hey guys,

November the 4th(america) and november the 7th(europe) true crime will be released on the consoles and in januari on the pc platform. The game is very similar to GTA but more in depth. Ganmespot and IGN already previewed the game and expect it to be even way better then GTA and possibly the best game this year. It has voices of famous actors and atrtists like gary oldman, cristopher walken, snoop doggy dog and more. You can have numerous weapons in two hands including infrared. You can do slow mo moves like the matrix, steal cars and do amazing car maneauvres also there is in depth hand to hand combat and a great branching story line and a great soundtrack.It has a BIG map that simulates 240 sq miles of Los Angeles(more then 10 times bigger then a gta map) Go check it out!!!!

For more info check out the link:


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True Crime is gonna own. You CANNOT compare it to GTA because they are two different games. Just because you can drive a car, get out and shoot people, get back in the car, and drive off again does not make it a GTA knockoff. There is a fighting system, not just running around punching people. You can break arms, throw people into stuff that breaks, and kick some major ass. The shooting is 'almost' the same except the fact there is a small (but still there) bullet time system. While driving, you can shoot ahead of you. There are many more things I will not post right now because I really don't feel like it right now :wink:

I suggest you find out what the game is like before you start saying it sucks. The only thing that can go bad for it is if the controls suck.

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I think Activision are envious of the success that Rockstar Games has achieved. I think True Crime will be good, but it will probably be an emulation of GTA 3 and Vice City with added features and improved graphics. Nothing will make the same impact as the GTA series did, as you're well aware of.

My opinions on the game:

Too unrealistic

Good Graphics

Interesting Features

I will check out the game however, I doubt you'll have as much freedom as you do in the GTA series. :D

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i don't think the idea is very original (anymore), but that doesn't says anything about the quality of the game.. looking forward to see it in action

btw the engine looks a like Renderware / Havoc.. not really good ones though (compared to a tweaked UT / UT 2003 engine ;)) hehe

another thing is that the screenshots are probably not displaying the game in action, but just a rendered scene that looks like it (they even did that with GTAIII / GTA:VC)

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The way I see it, the more competition, the better.

That will:

A. Force R* to not release a shitty, fastly made money cow GTA

b. Make another cool game to play :P

I mean afterall... the same game gets boring after awhile!

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