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setTimer again....

Tete omar

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function loginPanel() 
setTimer(guiSetVisible, 10000, 1, GUIEditor_Window[1], true) 
guiSetInputEnabled( true ) 
addEventHandler("onClientPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), loginPanel) 

i see no error or wrong in this code

but for good reason i use

guiSetVisible( GUIEditor_Window[1], false )

after i make the window

like that

-- and the other stuff 

guiSetVisible( GUIEditor_Window[1], false )

so what's a problem ?

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You want to show the GUI 10sec after player joins the game?

Try replacing this:

addEventHandler("onClientPlayerJoin", getRootElement(), loginPanel) 

with this:

addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", getResourceRoot(getThisResource()), loginPanel) 

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Guest Guest4401
onClientPlayerJoin sometimes doesn't work.

Sometimes? It always won't work for the play himself who joined the server.

This event is triggered when a player joins a server. It is triggered for all players except the local player, as the local player joins the server before their client-side resources are started. It would also be possible for two players to join within a few seconds of each other and for the two players' scripts may not receive onClientPlayerJoin events as their scripts wouldn't have started yet.
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