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what publisher?


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So Mad_Boy now we know you are from Holland :D

I want to Kick Davilex too for A2 Racer II because I bought it and thought that it was a great game.. Then 2 days later.. Finished the game.. Long time for A2 Racer but I was only 9 then soo short for me...

And Electronic Arts for buying soo much companies..

Alex3305 *kicks* Davilex and EA

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I hate that lameasses from EA.

Every game they release has a lot of bugs in it and if they had kept the game a few more days before releasing it they could fix the bugs but EA wants to make mony, mony and money so they release the game and bring up at least 6 patches to fix all bugs.


[edit]Davilex? do they still exist? i didn't see games published by them in the last 2 years ? [/edit]

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I want to kick Angel Studios' (now part of Rockstar West, from what I understand) sorry arse for giving the sh*t end of the stick to PC-Only games (ie. Midtown Madness 2, which was developed in parallel with Midnight Club yet "somehow" was nowhere near as good [in the few areas that MC was actually good]).

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