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---------- VCP vs. VCS Match Report ----------


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  • MTA Team

Pre-Game Outline

VCP was down 2 members, but eventually we had eight! We dropped one member. VCS had 7 members, but 2 had very bad connections. They could not keep a solid connection and were forced to quit. VCS were forced to play with 5 members.


VCS defended first at the ice cream factory. VCP attacked in one big pack except for me. I was sniping with a machinegun on a building overlooking the ice cream factory roof. The kills were somewhat even but VCP eventually killed all the VCS. Having 2 less members hurt VCS badly.

Round 2

VCP defended at the news building. VCS came together in a big pack. We set up some helicopters near the entrance and shot them to the point of exploding. However, no VCS members fell for the trick. We also set up some bikes by the elevator entrance as we expected them to enter in a pack. They did. Everyone shot the bikes and they exploded almost instantly (unfortunately no screenshots :cry:). It was an amazing explosion of 3 bikes. 3 of 5 VCS were killed. No VCP members lost health. VCS was telling VCP to come and get them, but rules stated the two remaining VCS had to attack the DEFENDING VCP. One decided to come up and made some funny comments, as he knew it was suicide. (Check log to see what he said). The other VCS member refused to attack. To end the bickering I decided to go down there and fight him. I used a machinegun to shoot him down to yellow. Lag was starting to get bad so I decided instead of risking standing still and shooting a machine gun, I should just throw motolovs and be suicidal to guarantee he would die or almost be dead. My suicide was successful. After he had gunned me down, the motolov burned him to death.

VCP won the first two rounds. A third round was not needed. It was offered for fun, but VCS declined.

Screens (sorry, only a few):




Chat Log:



Murton =VCS=: 'sup dudes

[VCP]Ancyker: uh hi

Murton =VCS=: hold your fire

Murton =VCS=: don't waste ammo

Parker=VCS= has joined the game.

mogged=VCS=: is it kick off time

{VCP-DeathB} has joined the game.

Murton =VCS=: positions everyone

{VCP-DeathB}: there we go :)

{VCP-Wartech: :P

Murton =VCS=: hehe. my girl made a funny

Dealer=VCS=: ok we defending first??

Murton =VCS=: I saw positions, she says doggy style

{VCP-Ransom} has joined the game.

Parker=VCS= has left the game.

{VCP-Ransom}: ok...

{VCP-Wartech: shall we get ingame?

Dealer=VCS=: murton u look like a sailor

Dealer=VCS=: lol

{VCP-Ransom}: no

mogged=VCS=: momma say life is like i nice rolled spliff u never now when it will fuck u up

Murton =VCS=: i'm a mexican

Raven=VCS=: opps

{VCP-SGB} has joined the game.

mogged=VCS= killed Raven=VCS=.

Murton =VCS=: nice one mogged

mogged=VCS=: twat what ya do that for

Dealer=VCS=: lol

Murton =VCS=: cheers for your shit Raven

Raven=VCS=: its bounced off the wall

Dealer=VCS=: get ere

Parker=VCS= has joined the game.

Raven=VCS=: what shit

Murton =VCS=: your gear dude

Dealer=VCS=: raven come on

Raven=VCS=: HEHE

Murton =VCS=: all VCS get to the hideout


Dealer=VCS=: hurry up lol

Parker=VCS= has left the game.

Murton =VCS=: we don't need no supplies

Dealer=VCS=: :D

Dealer=VCS=: whats up with parker

Murton =VCS=: what the hell is parker playin' at?

{VCP-Wartech: are we just messing around now?

{VCP-DeathB}: what are the rules?

{VCP-DeathB}: attack defend then ffa?

Parker=VCS= has joined the game.

Dealer=VCS=: yeah

{VCP-DeathB}: ok

mogged=VCS=: ffa???

Dealer=VCS=: we defend first

{VCP-DeathB}: well attack first then

{VCP-DeathB}: vcp

{VCP-DeathB}: come to msn

{VCP-DeathB}: er irc

{VCP-DeathB}: :)

Dealer=VCS=: tthe server is gonna reset at 10

mogged=VCS=: killer DnB PLAYING

Parker=VCS= has left the game.

{VCP-Wartech: i need to reinstall mta

{VCP-Wartech: config.cfg is fucked up

{VCP-Wartech: brb

{VCP-Wartech has left the game.

Dealer=VCS=: start after the reset ?

{VCP-DeathB}: mog is on vcs?


Dealer=VCS=: gd boy, here have a banana

Nemo=VCS=: lol

Dealer=VCS=: :D

mogged=VCS=: COOL

{VCP-Wartech has joined the game.

Parker=VCS= has joined the game.

mogged=VCS= timed out.

Nemo=VCS= timed out.

Parker=VCS=: on way keeps bootin me off

Dealer=VCS=: parker the server is gonna reset at 10

Dealer=VCS=: we shud start after that

Parker=VCS=: is it cause its dissconnectin me at the mo

Murton =VCS=: start at ten then dudes?

Oyst=VCS=: whats the time now?

Dealer=VCS=: 9:45

Oyst=VCS=: kk

mogged=VCS= has joined the game.

Murton =VCS=: I got 9:50

Raven=VCS=: cool

McNeo=VCS= has joined the game.

Oyst=VCS=: 9:50 sounds better

Dealer=VCS=: hehe

Parker=VCS=: 4 your time i think

mogged=VCS= timed out.

Oyst=VCS=: im gonna restart mta again i feel a crash coming soon :)

Dealer=VCS=: big fist fight ?

Oyst=VCS= has left the game.

Parker=VCS= has left the game.

mogged=VCS= has joined the game.

Oyst=VCS= has joined the game.

Parker=VCS= has joined the game.

{VCP-DeathB}: yo dealer

{VCP-DeathB}: what are the rules for weapon pick ups?

{VCP-DeathB}: my vote goes to fight with what u have

{VCP-DeathB}: no pickups


Raven=VCS=: what vcs have a chooper

{VCP-Ransom}: dealer, what do you say to weapon pickups?

Dealer=VCS=: on the last round only ?

{VCP-DeathB}: ya sure last round only is fine

Raven=VCS=: well fucking done oyst

Oyst=VCS=: thanks.

{VCP-DeathB}: everyone get that?

{VCP-DeathB}: last round u can pick up weapons AFTER the go, not b4

Murton =VCS=: damn. no knockback on the punch

McNeo=VCS=: what that mean?

{VCP-DeathB}: that means first 2 rounds no spas or flamethrower

{VCP-DeathB}: any member that has one is out

{VCP-DeathB}: not team, member

Dealer=VCS=: bastard i was gonna do that lol

mogged=VCS=: yo

{VCP-DeathB}: and whoever he kills can rejoin

mogged=VCS=: cant play

Murton =VCS=: hehe

Murton =VCS= killed Raven=VCS=.

mogged=VCS=: games just fucked up

Dealer=VCS=: why mog ?

mogged=VCS=: wont let me on game

McNeo=VCS=: erm... duh i know, but whats a spa anyone?

Raven=VCS=: why DO THAT THEN???!!!!!?????!!!!!!?????!11

McNeo=VCS=: murton your a sailor

Murton =VCS=: mexican

{VCP-DeathB}: in short mog, DONT PICK UP ANY WEAPONS

{VCP-Ransom} timed out.

Parker=VCS=: i have absolutly NO buildnings

Parker=VCS=: -n

Murton =VCS=: d is a racer, neo a crusader

mogged=VCS=: ok on

{VCP-Ransom} has joined the game.

Murton =VCS=: oyst is a robber

{VCP-DeathB}: vcp

Dealer=VCS= killed McNeo=VCS=.

Dealer=VCS= killed Oyst=VCS=.

{VCP-DeathB}: we meet at the news building

{VCP-DeathB}: where is vcs meeting?


Murton =VCS= killed himself.

Oyst=VCS=: Death server restting at 10

Murton =VCS=: twat

{VCP-DeathB}: ok

Oyst=VCS=: start then if you dont mind.

Dealer=VCS=: ice cream

Dealer=VCS=: place

Murton =VCS=: server resestting at about now

{VCP-Ransom}: are we playing?

{VCP-DeathB}: lol i just got in

{VCP-Wartech: 10? is that 3 mins till?

{VCP-DeathB}: oh well

{VCP-DeathB}: reset it on the hour


{VCP-Wartech: no ransom

{VCP-Ransom}: ok

{VCP-Wartech: server is beeing restarted in a few mins

Dealer=VCS=: at 10 after the server resets

Murton =VCS=: we need vanfal or mogged in

mogged=VCS=: im in

Murton =VCS=: can you actually play though?

Raven=VCS=: dealer ya need health

Murton =VCS=: cos you said it weren't working

Dealer=VCS=: i left game

{VCP-DeathB} killed mogged=VCS=.

{VCP-DeathB}: hehe

{VCP-DeathB}: ok hold on

Dealer=VCS=: u only got 5 players ??????????

mogged=VCS=: geza what ya doing we ant playing yet u prick

{VCP-Wartech: yes dealer

Raven=VCS= killed himself.

{VCP-DeathB}: lol

{VCP-Wartech: its gonna be 7 v 5 i think

mogged=VCS=: the twat

Dealer=VCS=: ok

mogged=VCS=: boot him

Murton =VCS=: 7 vs 5?

mogged=VCS=: kick his ass off

Murton =VCS=: kick who?

Murton =VCS=: I'm confuseded

Raven=VCS=: death he started killin

McNeo=VCS= killed Oyst=VCS=.

{VCP-DeathB}: lol

{VCP-Wartech: lol

[VCP]Ancyker: lmao

mogged=VCS=: the twat witch killed me just cheating befor the game starts

{VCP-Wartech: clock is 23:00 now

[VCP]Ancyker: isnt server resetting anyway

{VCP-DeathB}: nah its mog

Murton =VCS=: yup

{VCP-Wartech: restart server

Dealer=VCS=: yup

{VCP-DeathB}: ok restart it

[VCP]Ancyker: death..irc..

{VCP-Wartech: waiting..

Parker=VCS= has left the game.

Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 10 sec)



Raven=VCS= has joined the game.

Oyst=VCS= has joined the game.

mogged=VCS= has joined the game.

{VCP-Wartech has joined the game.

{VCP-DeathB} has joined the game.

mogged=VCS=: where we met

Dealer=VCS=: ice cream factory

Dealer=VCS=: mexican

mogged=VCS=: kkk

{VCP-DeathB}: vcp to mall then

Dealer=VCS=: b **

Nemo=VCS=: ta oyst

Oyst=VCS=: np


{VCP-Wartech: do we get ingame?

Dealer=VCS=: if u like

Dealer=VCS=: no pickup tho

{VCP-Wartech: no weapon pickups 2 first rounds

{VCP-DeathB}: correct

Parker=VCS= has joined the game.

Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 10 sec)


Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 10 sec)


Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 10 sec)


Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 10 sec)


Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 10 sec)


Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 10 sec)


Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 10 sec)


Disconnected: Connection timed out. (Delay = 10 sec)



{VCP-SGB} has joined the game.

[VCP]Ancyker: im special

[VCP]Ancyker: ^_^

{VCP-DeathB}: yes u are in many ways

{VCP-Ransom} has joined the game.

Oyst=VCS= has joined the game.

mogged=VCS= has joined the game.

Murton =VCS= has joined the game.

{VCP-Ransom} has left the game.

Dealer=VCS= has joined the game.

mogged=VCS=: mad fuck up

{VCP-Ransom} has joined the game.

{VCP-Wartech: what happened to the server?

{VCP-Wartech: dealer

Nemo=VCS= has joined the game.

Dealer=VCS=: fuk knows

Oyst=VCS=: died.

Murton =VCS=: VCS to the factory

[VCP]DarthP has joined the game.

{VCP-Wartech: oh well

Dealer=VCS=: yeah jus died

mogged=VCS=: cat pissed up it

Dealer=VCS=: lol

Murton =VCS=: drive

Dealer=VCS=: u gained a player ?

{VCP-Wartech: yeah

Parker=VCS= has joined the game.

{VCP-Ransom}: we might have 7 vs 7

{VCP-Ransom}: maybe a vcpd guy coming

{VCP-Wartech: brb, 2 min

Murton =VCS=: we allowed subs like that?

{VCP-DeathB}: ya we gained a player or 2 :)

{VCP-DeathB}: there not subs

Raven=VCS= has joined the game.

Murton =VCS=: maybe a vcpd guy coming?

Raven=VCS=: hey hey hey

Murton =VCS=: not vcp though

Nemo=VCS=: lol

Raven=VCS=: lmao

{VCP-Ransom}: deathb, IRC!

Murton =VCS=: should probably have gotten a team talk server sorted out

Oyst=VCS=: mmhhmm

Murton =VCS=: next time. everyone try to have mics

Raven=VCS=: got one here lol

Oyst=VCS=: same.

Murton =VCS=: speakers at the very least. you only really need to hear

Nemo=VCS=: me 3

Murton =VCS=: me 4, 5 and 6

{VCP-Wartech: ready

{VCP-Ransom}: ok I think we got him

{VCP-DeathB}: yup

{VCP-Ransom}: hold on

Murton =VCS=: i got 3, not sure which work though

{VCP-DeathB}: wait a sec peeps

{VCP-DeathB}: no one go in game yet

{VCP-DeathB}: if ur in get out

[VCP]DarthP: k

Murton =VCS=: someone get that walkway with Oyst

Nemo=VCS=: on it

Murton =VCS=: go Nemo

Murton =VCS=: go

[VCPD]Rain has joined the game.

Dealer=VCS=: come out of game

{VCP-DeathB}: there we go

Parker=VCS= has left the game.

Murton =VCS=: you can do it. just. keep. running.

[VCPD]Rain: im here

{VCP-DeathB}: 7 vs 7

{VCP-DeathB}: lets do this

{VCP-Wartech: yay

{VCP-DeathB}: anyone confused about the rules?

{VCP-Wartech: are we going ingame?

[VCP]DarthP: yes

{VCP-Wartech: and remember, NO PICKUPS THE FIRST 2 ROUNDS!

{VCP-DeathB}: yup

{VCP-Ransom}: ok I think were ready

[VCP]DarthP: no one told me any rules

Nemo=VCS=: lol. i need to be up there

{VCPD-MrBob} has joined the game.

{VCP-Wartech: ehm

Murton =VCS=: waste the chopper

Murton =VCS=: use the magnum

Raven=VCS=: hey its meeeeeeeeeee

Nemo=VCS=: lol

Murton =VCS=: cock

Raven=VCS=: thanks had the perfect spot

Nemo=VCS=: raven go other side

Murton =VCS=: i know

Murton =VCS=: 'tis a shame you lost it


[VCPD]Rain: what class?

{VCP-Ransom}: THERE ARE 8 VCP!

Raven=VCS=: got time to get it again hehe brb

{VCP-Wartech: death

{VCP-Wartech: 8 vs 6 now?

{VCP-DeathB}: there are?

{VCP-Wartech: wtf?

{VCP-Wartech: yes

{VCP-Wartech: mrbob joined last

[VCPD]Rain: guys what class?

{VCP-DeathB}: hmm

{VCP-DeathB}: mrbob

[VCP]Ancyker: any class

{VCPD-MrBob}: Yes?

{VCP-DeathB}: how long have u been on vcp?

{VCP-DeathB}: d

mogged=VCS=: come on

Murton =VCS=: wasn't it supposed to be 7 vs 7?

{VCP-Ransom}: sorry man, can you please leave though?

{VCP-DeathB}: it is going to be

{VCP-Ransom}: You were to late

{VCP-DeathB}: were gonna kick one of our members

[VCP]Ancyker: u lost a member and we got some lol

{VCPD-MrBob}: See you later then.

Nemo=VCS= timed out.

{VCP-DeathB}: ransom hold on

mogged=VCS= timed out.

{VCP-DeathB}: now bob

{VCP-Ransom}: thx

{VCP-DeathB}: bob

{VCP-DeathB}: 6no

{VCP-DeathB}: wait

{VCPD-MrBob}: Ok.

{VCP-DeathB}: darthb

{VCP-DeathB}: please leave

Murton =VCS=: we only got 4?

{VCP-DeathB}: lol

{VCP-DeathB}: darth

{VCP-Ransom}: mrbob can stay

Dealer=VCS=: time outs

{VCP-DeathB}: yes

{VCP-Wartech: they'll be back i guess

{VCP-DeathB}: darth please leave

Dealer=VCS=: 7 is the limit

Murton =VCS=: we are so owned

[VCPD]Rain: where to guys?


{VCP-DeathB}: please leave

{VCPD-MrBob}: I'll leave if you want.

[VCP]Ancyker: told him.

[VCP]DarthP has left the game.

{VCP-DeathB}: there

{VCP-DeathB}: now its 7 for our team

{VCP-Ransom}: ok, where do we group?

[VCPD]Rain: where do i go guys?

Dealer=VCS=: k wait for our players

{VCP-DeathB}: mall

mogged=VCS= has joined the game.

{VCP-Wartech: mall

{VCP-DeathB}: vcp come to mall

[VCP]Ancyker: should we start game and group?

{VCP-Wartech: on my way

{VCP-DeathB}: sup sgb

Dealer=VCS=: yeah

Parker=VCS= has joined the game.

{VCP-SGB}: not much

Oyst=VCS=: are the rules about crashing still the same??

{VCP-DeathB}: yes get grouped

Murton =VCS=: taht makes 5

{VCPD-MrBob}: Which mall?

{VCP-Wartech: yea

Dealer=VCS=: yeah


Oyst=VCS=: how do they work on attack and defend

{VCP-Wartech: north point mall

{VCP-DeathB}: if you crash procede immediantly back to the battle sone

{VCP-DeathB}: zone*

Oyst=VCS=: k

Parker=VCS=: ill go there now then

{VCP-DeathB}: sup war

{VCP-Wartech: :P

[VCP]Ancyker: where we goin

{VCP-Wartech: mall

{VCP-DeathB}: theres rain

Dealer=VCS=: when u die, stay on player select screen

Murton =VCS=: I hate when people do that

mogged=VCS= timed out.

{VCP-DeathB}: murton

Murton =VCS=: yup

mogged=VCS= has joined the game.

{VCP-DeathB}: if you see that they died on the chat window then there dead

{VCP-DeathB}: if they just lay down there weapons then they probably crashed

Murton =VCS=: sometimes doesn't show

Dealer=VCS=: sumtimes it doesnt show tho.... thats the only pob

{VCP-DeathB}: ya but thats very rare

Murton =VCS=: not that rare

{VCP-Ransom}: just be honest please

Dealer=VCS=: not on a full server

[VCPD]Rain: so whats the limit?

{VCP-DeathB}: be honest people

Murton =VCS=: it's happened to be twice in the last hour

{VCP-DeathB}: thats the bottom line

{VCP-DeathB}: be honest

{VCP-DeathB}: rain

{VCP-DeathB}: get in ur car and stay there

[VCPD]Rain: yeah?

{VCP-Wartech: ransom, get ur ass over to the mall

{VCP-DeathB}: dont get to jumpy

[VCPD]Rain: k

Dealer=VCS=: no

{VCP-SGB}: VCS is 1 short

Dealer=VCS=: dont think so

{VCP-DeathB}: move a little bit peeps

{VCP-Wartech: ancyker and ransom

Dealer=VCS=: who we missin?

[VCP]Ancyker: ?

{VCP-DeathB}: that way the server doesnt see u as inactive

{VCP-Wartech: get your asses over to the mall

Oyst=VCS=: nemo

{VCP-DeathB}: rain

Dealer=VCS=: fuk

{VCP-DeathB}: just a little back and forth

[VCPD]Rain: lol

{VCP-SGB}: figures lol

{VCP-Wartech: ok

{VCP-DeathB}: ok vcp is all here and ready

Murton =VCS=: nice

{VCP-Wartech: vcp is ready

{VCP-DeathB}: were waiting for go

{VCPD-MrBob}: I should have gotten the Hunter.

{VCP-DeathB}: vcs ready?

Murton =VCS=: keep your ammo

Dealer=VCS=: no

{VCP-DeathB}: ok

Dealer=VCS=: who is at the airport?

Raven=VCS=: hehe look at me hehe

{VCP-DeathB}: hurrry up :)

[VCPD]Rain: so its just kill them right?

{VCPD-MrBob}: Washroom!

{VCP-DeathB}: ya kill vcs

[VCP]Ancyker: dont team kill

[VCPD]Rain: stop the horn!!!!!

{VCP-Wartech: lol

{VCP-Ransom}: lol

Murton =VCS=: we got 6 on and only 4 at base

{VCP-DeathB}: lol

[VCP]Ancyker: no moltoves either...

mogged=VCS= timed out.

{VCP-DeathB}: no molotovs or grenades peeps

{VCP-DeathB}: thats for vcp

Raven=VCS=: wtf

{VCP-DeathB}: vcs can do what they want

Parker=VCS=: on way keep crashin think ive done it where are yas

Raven=VCS=: hehe cool

[VCPD]Rain: turn off the fucking horn!!!

{VCP-DeathB}: lol

[VCP]Ancyker: lost 5 hp...

{VCP-DeathB}: its a glitch

Dealer=VCS=: ice cream factorty

Raven=VCS=: lol

{VCP-Wartech: lol

{VCP-DeathB}: just ignore it

[VCP]Ancyker: ??

{VCP-Ransom}: lol

{VCP-DeathB}: ./me waits

{VCPD-MrBob}: Back!

{VCP-DeathB}: lol

Raven=VCS=: how we doin vcs

Murton =VCS=: just waiting on raven and parker

{VCP-Wartech: get ready vcs

{VCP-DeathB}: everyone stay in game

{VCP-DeathB}: dont alt tab

Dealer=VCS=: we lost mogged

Raven=VCS=: raven in place hehe can you not see me murton hehe

Raven=VCS=: coo eee

Murton =VCS=: we gonna have to play a man down

{VCP-Wartech: ok

{VCP-DeathB}: rules are rules

{VCP-DeathB}: :)

[VCPD]Rain: dude for real stop the horn

Murton =VCS=: shit, not raven

{VCPD-MrBob}: I have a nice paint job!

{VCP-DeathB}: lol i had to say that

Murton =VCS=: erm, who we missing?

Raven=VCS=: huh

{VCP-Ransom}: lol

[VCPD]Rain: im trying to listen to my mp3s

{VCP-DeathB}: mog

Raven=VCS=: missing parker hehe

{VCP-DeathB}: i am to

{VCP-DeathB}: im listening to linkin park :)

[VCPD]Rain: whatcha got on?

Murton =VCS=: we have no problem playing a man down

{VCP-Wartech: im listening to ijs' maktunes

{VCP-DeathB}: cool

{VCP-Ransom}: lol

[VCP]Ancyker: LP rocks

[VCPD]Rain: i got dj darkzone

{VCP-Wartech: got them on my custom radio station

{VCP-Wartech: :P

{VCP-Ransom}: get laid lololololo

Dealer=VCS=: we 2 man down at the moment

Murton =VCS=: which [LP] album?

{VCP-DeathB}: yup ancyker

{VCP-Wartech: lol

{VCP-DeathB}: little of both

Raven=VCS=: ??????

[VCPD]Rain: u guys have teamspeak?

mogged=VCS= has joined the game.

{VCP-Wartech: nah

[VCP]Ancyker: come onnnn

{VCP-Wartech: i dont even have a mic :P

Murton =VCS=: cutting out the weak tracks?

{VCP-Wartech: get ready vs

Murton =VCS=: hehe

{VCP-DeathB}: i have a 900 dollar sound system here, id better use it :)

{VCP-Wartech: vcs*

[VCP]Ancyker: we need some sort of code u know lol

{VCP-DeathB}: ready peeps?

[VCPD]Rain: it would be great for strategy

Murton =VCS=: where do VCS keep going?

{VCP-DeathB}: vcp

Dealer=VCS=: we gonna have to start, we got 5 players

{VCPD-MrBob}: I do but I don't have my microphone plugged in.


Raven=VCS=: yo parker hehe

{VCP-DeathB}: follow me

[VCP]Ancyker: i have to go at 6 so come on

{VCP-DeathB}: here me vcp?

[VCPD]Rain: im ready guys

Murton =VCS=: get ready guys

{VCP-Wartech: vcp ready

[VCPD]Rain: il try my best

Dealer=VCS=: ok 1 down

{VCP-DeathB}: ok

Dealer=VCS=: not quite

Dealer=VCS=: almost


{VCP-DeathB}: ransom

Raven=VCS=: i got such a cool spot hehe

Dealer=VCS=: waiting for mogged to get here

{VCP-DeathB}: wait till we start the attack to do ur thing

{VCP-Wartech: drive a little more forward death

{VCP-Ransom}: lol

[VCP]Ancyker: arent they suppose to meet at airport?

mogged=VCS= timed out.

{VCP-Wartech: thanks :P

{VCP-DeathB}: lol

Oyst=VCS=: ffs

{VCPD-MrBob}: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

{VCP-Ransom}: you mean the "trick" i made up :)

{VCP-DeathB}: wheee numb just came on

{VCP-Wartech: i think mogged is having problems

{VCP-DeathB}: =)

{VCP-DeathB}: not yet

{VCP-DeathB}: wait for the go

[VCPD]Rain: duh

{VCP-Ransom}: i wasn't planning on using it :P

Murton =VCS=: VCS ain't had a lot of luck with matches so far

Murton =VCS=: hehe

{VCPD-MrBob}: Vintage MrBob stuff from the MTA room!

{VCP-DeathB}: use it ransom

{VCP-Ransom}: ok

{VCP-DeathB}: get some of them out

{VCPD-MrBob}: Aaaaaaaaaah!

{VCP-DeathB}: watch out for tks tho

{VCP-Wartech: vcs ready soon?

{VCP-Ransom}: ok

{VCPD-MrBob}: Yay!

{VCP-DeathB}: ./me waits

{VCP-DeathB}: comon guys

[VCPD]Rain: my car is nice

{VCPD-MrBob}: Linkin Park!

{VCP-DeathB}: mines better =)

[VCPD]Rain: hehe

{VCP-Wartech: mines best

Raven=VCS=: shit

{VCP-Wartech: :P

Murton =VCS=: we got six here

{VCP-DeathB}: crash?

{VCPD-MrBob}: Mine's the nicests!

Murton =VCS=: it's enough surely

{VCP-DeathB}: nah ive got the cheetah

{VCP-Ransom}: screenshot!

[VCP]Ancyker: death...-5hp

{VCPD-MrBob}: I've got the red Cheetah!

{VCP-DeathB}: yo guys u ready?

{VCP-DeathB}: comon now...

{VCP-Ransom}: everyone's hp is full on my screen

[VCP]Ancyker: im down 5

{VCP-Wartech: on mine too

{VCPD-MrBob}: DeathB and I can be Power Rangers!

{VCP-DeathB}: rain get in a car

{VCP-DeathB}: lol bob

{VCP-Ransom}: come on vcp, group the cars! SCREENSHOT

{VCP-Wartech: rain

Dealer=VCS=: yea mog is tryin to come back in but we will start now ok ?

{VCP-Wartech: dont fuck around

{VCP-DeathB}: already did ransom

{VCP-DeathB}: got the screenie already

[VCPD]Rain: i was just getting a ss death


Dealer=VCS= timed out.

{VCP-DeathB}: shit

Murton =VCS=: twat

{VCP-Wartech: ?

{VCP-DeathB}: dealer can join when he gets back

{VCP-DeathB}: go


Murton =VCS=: get ready guys

Murton =VCS=: 4 against 7

Dealer=VCS= has joined the game.

Dealer=VCS=: ffs

{VCP-DeathB}: slow down peeps

{VCP-DeathB}: stay together

Murton =VCS=: raven. this side

Parker=VCS= timed out.

Oyst=VCS=: quick dealer.

Murton =VCS=: 3 against 7

Oyst=VCS=: dealers back.

Murton =VCS=: raven?

[VCPD]Rain: lmao

Raven=VCS=: yup


Murton =VCS=: just checking

{VCP-DeathB}: wait guys

{VCP-Ransom}: vcs are at ice cream


Dealer=VCS=: on my way

{VCP-DeathB}: k now follow me, here comes the assualt

{VCP-DeathB}: ransom fall behind

{VCP-Ransom}: k

{VCP-DeathB}: get here guys

Murton =VCS=: fire at will

{VCP-Wartech killed Oyst=VCS=.

{VCP-DeathB}: i need health

{VCP-DeathB}: brgb

Dealer=VCS= killed {VCP-DeathB}.

[VCP]Ancyker killed Dealer=VCS=.

{VCP-DeathB}: grr

{VCP-DeathB}: 2 vcs downt

{VCP-DeathB}: get em guys

Murton =VCS= killed {VCP-Wartech.

{VCP-Wartech: aah

{VCP-DeathB}: stay at char select screen guys

{VCP-Wartech: :(

Dealer=VCS=: gd boy

{VCP-Ransom}: is dealer dead?

Murton =VCS=: how many VCS left?

Dealer=VCS=: yup


{VCP-DeathB}: stop talking

{VCP-DeathB}: fight em

Dealer=VCS=: 3 i think

{VCP-DeathB}: stay together and fight

Dealer=VCS=: 5 vcp

{VCP-SGB} killed Raven=VCS=.

Murton =VCS= killed {VCP-Ransom}.

{VCP-Ransom}: shit

Raven=VCS=: shit

{VCP-SGB} killed Murton =VCS=.

Dealer=VCS=: 4-2

Murton =VCS=: shit

{VCP-Wartech: i got the first kill :P

{VCP-Ransom}: im dead

{VCP-DeathB}: kill the remaning peeps guys

{VCP-DeathB}: who from vcs is still alive?

Murton =VCS=: chalk 2 up to me

{VCP-Ransom} has left the game.

Murton =VCS=: who's left?

{VCP-DeathB}: anyone from vcs alive?

Raven=VCS=: nemo

{VCP-Ransom} has joined the game.

Parker=VCS= has joined the game.

Murton =VCS=: parker wasn't involved in that at all

{VCP-DeathB}: anyone on vcs alive?

{VCP-Ransom}: whats the count?

Oyst=VCS=: nemo dropped ages ago.

{VCP-DeathB}: so far it looks like weve already won have we?

Parker=VCS=: i fucking crashed

Murton =VCS=: round 2?

{VCP-Wartech: parker: go to the battle area then

{VCP-DeathB}: vcs say something if ur still alive

{VCP-Wartech: or?

{VCP-DeathB}: whos alive for vcp?

{VCP-Wartech: im not

{VCP-SGB}: me

[VCP]Ancyker: who the pink blip

[VCP]Ancyker: im alive

{VCP-DeathB}: k ancyker and sgb are still alive

Murton =VCS=: nice work with the saw SGB

{VCP-DeathB}: whos there for vcs?

{VCP-SGB}: ty

{VCP-Ransom}: vcp, get health and regroup!

{VCP-DeathB}: anyone alive vcp?

[VCP]Ancyker: where

Murton =VCS=: I nearly got you though

{VCPD-MrBob}: I am.

{VCP-SGB}: ;)

{VCP-DeathB}: lol there we go

[VCPD]Rain: im alive

{VCP-DeathB}: we have 3 alive

{VCP-Wartech: 4

{VCPD-MrBob}: I didn't get to kill anything.

{VCP-DeathB}: woah 4

{VCP-Wartech: wow

{VCP-Ransom}: by docks

{VCP-DeathB}: lol

{VCP-DeathB}: round 1 to vcp?

Raven=VCS=: tlucky that time dude

[VCPD]Rain: i think so

{VCP-Wartech: i dunno who i killed

{VCP-Ransom}: is it over?

{VCP-Wartech: cant remember :P

{VCP-DeathB}: dealer?

{VCP-Wartech: no ransom

{VCP-DeathB}: round one to vcp right?

Dealer=VCS=: no vcs left ???

[VCPD]Rain: i didnt even fight

{VCPD-MrBob}: It'll be on the client.

{VCP-Wartech: 4 v 1 i think?

[VCP]Ancyker: i killed someone

{VCP-DeathB}: guess not :)

Dealer=VCS=: parker u alive ?

Murton =VCS=: time for round 2 then?

{VCP-Ransom}: parker?

{VCP-DeathB}: round 1 over i guess

Raven=VCS=: in now k

{VCP-Wartech: is it over?

{VCP-Ransom}: ok, round 2

[VCPD]Rain: omg this should be simple people

{VCP-DeathB}: round 2 people

Murton =VCS=: where you defending?

{VCP-DeathB}: vcp go to news building

{VCP-Wartech: k

[VCPD]Rain: ill ride with bob

Parker=VCS=: keep crashing out get bearly a minute now

{VCP-DeathB}: remember the tactic people

Murton =VCS=: dealer, where we meeting?

{VCP-Ransom}: vcp group at airport or mall?

[VCP]Ancyker: CRASH

Dealer=VCS=: same

Raven=VCS= has left the game.

{VCP-DeathB}: were going to the news building

{VCP-Wartech: crash

{VCP-Wartech has left the game.

{VCPD-MrBob}: Crash!

{VCP-Ransom}: ok, news building

{VCP-DeathB}: restart ur client bob

{VCP-DeathB}: if u crash restart the client

{VCP-DeathB}: go

[VCP]Ancyker: y?

{VCP-Ransom}: where did all these crashes come from!?!?

{VCPD-MrBob}: You mean just press the start button?

{VCP-DeathB}: ransom

{VCP-DeathB}: take me to the humveee

{VCP-Wartech: wtf

{VCP-DeathB}: go left

{VCP-DeathB}: NOW

{VCP-Wartech: damn

{VCP-Ransom}: I'm getting the heli

{VCP-SGB} has left the game.

Murton =VCS=: any VCS spawned yet?

Dealer=VCS=: yea

Oyst=VCS=: yea

{VCP-Wartech: ah

{VCP-SGB} has joined the game.

Murton =VCS=: where we meeting?

Dealer=VCS=: ice cream factory

[VCP]Ancyker: ansom giot1

Oyst=VCS=: u choose

Raven=VCS= has joined the game.

{VCP-Ransom}: what?


[VCPD]Rain: where vcp go?

Dealer=VCS=: the front of the factory

[VCP]Ancyker: heli

Murton =VCS=: waiting


{VCP-DeathB}: there gonna be useless trust me

Murton =VCS=: give us a shout when you're ready

{VCP-DeathB}: get in

{VCP-DeathB}: raven

{VCP-DeathB}: get in

{VCP-DeathB}: ok or not i guess

Murton =VCS=: all VCS get to the front of the factory

Raven=VCS=: lol

{VCP-DeathB}: lol

[VCP]Ancyker: rain just wait over there

{VCP-DeathB}: wheee alien ant farm is on

Raven=VCS=: that was funny as hell hehe

{VCP-DeathB}: lol

[VCPD]Rain: where?

{VCP-Wartech: got a pch for ya death

{VCP-Wartech: :)

{VCP-Wartech: pcj*

{VCP-DeathB}: :)

[VCP]Ancyker: death i got a car...

[VCPD]Rain: over where?

[VCP]Ancyker: lol

Murton =VCS=: I need vengeance

{VCP-DeathB}: vcp go to the news building

{VCP-DeathB}: lol murton

{VCP-Wartech: park the car somewhere else

Murton =VCS=: i don't car who kills them, as long as they die

Murton =VCS=: actually. I'm gonna change class

{VCP-SGB}: stop shooting

Dealer=VCS=: where is raven ?

Raven=VCS=: here hehehe

{VCP-Ransom}: death, I'm doing my trick hold up

{VCP-DeathB}: ?

Raven=VCS=: chop suey here i come hehe

Murton =VCS=: be right back

{VCP-DeathB}: lol

{VCPD-MrBob}: Chopper!

{VCP-Wartech: dont

Raven=VCS=: no system of a down durrrrrrrr

{VCP-Wartech: you comming death?

{VCP-DeathB}: ransom save ur ammo

{VCP-DeathB}: alright get up here peeps

Murton =VCS=: damn

{VCP-Ransom}: oops damn blew up the black heli :(

Raven=VCS=: what goin on vcs

[VCPD]Rain: gusy is this gonna happen of what?

{VCP-DeathB}: war

Raven=VCS=: ?????????

{VCP-Wartech: im leaving my bike here for you

Murton =VCS= killed himself.

{VCP-DeathB}: war

Raven=VCS=: lmfao

{VCP-Wartech: yes?

{VCP-DeathB}: park it here

Murton =VCS=: just changing class

{VCP-Ransom}: guys, off the pcjs

{VCP-Ransom}: mrbob!

{VCP-Wartech: get off bob

{VCP-DeathB}: now get behind cover guys

{VCP-DeathB}: bobs about to time out

{VCP-DeathB}: ransom leave it

{VCP-DeathB}: er there we go

{VCP-DeathB}: sgb

{VCP-DeathB}: where u at?

{VCP-Ransom}: k

{VCP-Wartech: take cover

{VCP-SGB}: i'm here

{VCP-Wartech: dont stand there

{VCP-Wartech: rain

{VCP-DeathB}: get up here

{VCP-DeathB}: rain

{VCP-DeathB}: come where i am

{VCP-Ransom}: ?!

{VCP-Wartech: are we ready?

{VCP-DeathB}: not yet

[VCPD]Rain: im here

{VCP-Wartech: ah

{VCP-DeathB}: were missing one

{VCP-DeathB}: rain

{VCP-Wartech: hes comming now

{VCP-DeathB}: get beside me

[VCPD]Rain: what?

{VCP-DeathB}: not behind me

Dealer=VCS=: murton ?

{VCP-DeathB}: get beside me

Murton =VCS=: yup

{VCP-Wartech: ok

{VCP-Ransom}: guys, get rid of the bikes when they come

Murton =VCS=: just changing to mexican

Dealer=VCS=: we ready now

{VCP-Wartech: we are ready

{VCP-DeathB}: were ready

[VCP]Ancyker: gonna use car?

{VCP-DeathB}: bring it vcs

{VCP-DeathB}: GO GO GO

Murton =VCS=: go go go

[VCPD]Rain timed out.

{VCP-Wartech: bring it on bitches

Raven=VCS=: gonna cover fire k vcs

{VCP-DeathB}: shit

{VCP-DeathB}: guys

[VCP]Ancyker: uh oh

{VCP-Wartech: oh well

{VCP-Ransom}: vcpd time out

{VCP-DeathB}: remember the tactic

{VCPD-MrBob} timed out.

{VCP-Wartech: omg

{VCP-Ransom}: hold on!

[VCP]Ancyker: gonna need it

{VCP-Ransom}: timeouts

{VCP-DeathB}: woah time out

{VCP-DeathB}: there goes 2

Dealer=VCS=: k vcs stop

Oyst=VCS=: ffs crash

{VCPD-MrBob} has joined the game.


[VCP]Ancyker: they comin

{VCP-DeathB}: guys

{VCP-DeathB}: remember the plan

Dealer=VCS=: come back

{VCP-DeathB}: follow it

Murton =VCS=: what do you say dealer?

Murton =VCS=: mercy?

{VCP-DeathB}: he said WAIT

Dealer=VCS=: come back cause oyst has crashed

{VCP-DeathB}: there we go =)

Oyst=VCS=: sorry lads

{VCP-DeathB}: bob get here asap

{VCP-Wartech: get your ass back here bob

Murton =VCS=: come to me

[VCP]Ancyker: death

{VCP-DeathB}: ancyker ur a robber right?

[VCP]Ancyker: use car with pcjs?

[VCP]Ancyker: yes

Dealer=VCS=: raven ??

Murton =VCS=: who we got?

{VCP-DeathB}: comere ancyker

{VCP-DeathB}: this is important

{VCP-Wartech: ransom?

{VCP-Ransom}: im here

{VCP-DeathB}: anyone with a shotgun come to where i am

Dealer=VCS=: vcs meet ata the bridge

{VCP-DeathB}: now stay there

Murton =VCS=: hat makes three

Dealer=VCS=: raven n parker

{VCP-Ransom}: death, i'll throw motolovs at the entrance ok?

{VCP-Ransom}: everyone get away from me

{VCP-DeathB}: no ransom

{VCP-DeathB}: no molotovs

Raven=VCS=: YUP

{VCP-DeathB}: just shoot

{VCP-DeathB}: weve got this

{VCP-Ransom}: gah

{VCP-DeathB}: follow the plan and ul be fine

[VCP]Ancyker: death theres a cr over there we can use

{VCP-Ransom}: fine

{VCP-DeathB}: were fine as is

{VCP-Wartech: no cars

{VCP-DeathB}: ransom and war

{VCP-DeathB}: come to where i am

Murton =VCS=: 4

{VCP-Wartech: but i like my corner

Raven=VCS=: yo vcs ????????

{VCP-DeathB}: now stay behind there

Dealer=VCS=: where r u raven ?

Murton =VCS=: yup

Raven=VCS=: here

Murton =VCS=: raven, get over here

{VCP-Wartech: bob is comming

{VCP-DeathB}: k now wait for bob to get here

Raven=VCS=: beteewn bridges near the office

{VCP-DeathB}: there he is =)

{VCP-Wartech: ok

{VCP-Ransom}: hehe nice bob :P

{VCP-DeathB}: were ready guys

{VCP-Wartech: we are ready

{VCP-DeathB}: bob

{VCPD-MrBob}: Flame throwers allowed?

{VCP-DeathB}: no

Dealer=VCS=: no

{VCP-SGB}: no

Murton =VCS=: five against 7

{VCPD-MrBob}: Ok.

{VCP-Wartech: no

{VCP-Wartech: no pickups


{VCP-Wartech: so dont use it


Murton =VCS=: go go go

Dealer=VCS=: and we

Dealer=VCS=: go

Dealer=VCS=: :D

{VCP-Wartech: bring it on!

{VCP-Wartech: :P

{VCP-Ransom}: careful about teamkills

Murton =VCS=: take your time

{VCP-DeathB}: shit

{VCP-DeathB}: wait peeps

{VCP-Wartech: bah

{VCP-DeathB}: one of my speakers is fucking up bad

[VCP]Ancyker: here they come

{VCP-Wartech: oh well

{VCP-Wartech: let em come

{VCPD-MrBob}: Just checking to see if I have a good spot.

{VCP-DeathB}: holy shit this thing has some base

{VCP-Ransom}: get ready!

{VCP-DeathB}: bass

{VCP-DeathB}: yes come on

Murton =VCS=: we ready?

Oyst=VCS=: carful

{VCP-DeathB}: yes go go go

{VCP-Wartech killed Raven=VCS=.

{VCPD-MrBob} killed Dealer=VCS=.

{VCP-Ransom}: lol

Raven=VCS=: bugger

{VCP-DeathB} killed Parker=VCS=.

Dealer=VCS=: shit

{VCP-Ransom}: LOL

Murton =VCS=: we got wiped

Raven=VCS=: nice

Dealer=VCS=: was a slaughter

{VCP-Ransom}: yikes!

{VCP-Wartech: are there more?

{VCP-DeathB}: lol comon up

[VCP]Ancyker: that all?

{VCP-DeathB}: u have to

{VCP-Ransom}: two of them down there

{VCP-DeathB}: ya and they have to fight us

Murton =VCS=: you have to kill us to win

{VCP-DeathB}: comon up peeps

[VCP]Ancyker: may i?

{VCP-DeathB}: nah

{VCP-DeathB}: wait for em

{VCP-DeathB}: they have to come up VERY SOON

Oyst=VCS=: got nothing but time baby

Raven=VCS=: lambs to the slaughter should be rules against to secure positions

{VCP-Ransom}: we can take em

{VCP-DeathB}: there attacking not defending

Murton =VCS=: true

{VCP-DeathB}: its agains the rules for them to wait

Oyst=VCS=: so either way one team has to die to win

Murton =VCS=: we lose anyway when the server goes

{VCP-DeathB}: comon up

{VCP-DeathB}: =)

Oyst=VCS=: come down

Murton =VCS=: DEATH AND GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{VCP-Wartech: lol

Oyst=VCS=: lol

{VCPD-MrBob} killed Murton =VCS=.

Dealer=VCS=: hehe

Oyst=VCS=: ahh shit lol

{VCP-Ransom}: lol

{VCP-DeathB}: now u oyst

{VCP-Wartech: 1 left

{VCP-DeathB}: lol

Murton =VCS=: white flag?

{VCP-DeathB}: get em guys

Oyst=VCS= killed {VCP-Ransom}.

{VCP-Ransom} killed Oyst=VCS=.


{VCP-DeathB}: hehe

Oyst=VCS=: damn molotov ;/

{VCP-DeathB}: hes gone

{VCP-Wartech: err

Dealer=VCS=: wd oyst :)

{VCP-DeathB}: we win

{VCP-Ransom}: I killed him?

{VCP-DeathB}: 3rd round?

Murton =VCS=: no need

Murton =VCS=: you guys won

{VCP-DeathB}: lol ok

Raven=VCS=: hmm

Dealer=VCS=: yea

{VCP-Wartech: ok

{VCP-DeathB}: hold on

{VCP-Ransom}: good game

Dealer=VCS=: for points

{VCP-DeathB}: i want ur opinion on something

{VCP-Wartech: 3rd round or not?

Dealer=VCS=: we shud play

{VCP-Ransom}: I wanna 3rd round...

{VCP-DeathB}: whats ur opinion on that bike trick

{VCP-Wartech: im up for a 3rd round

{VCP-DeathB}: =)

{VCP-Ransom}: lol!

{VCP-Ransom}: that was AWESOME

Dealer=VCS=: everyone meet in the mall, ?? big battle in there ??

Murton =VCS=: we may have to steal that little trick

Oyst=VCS=: no thanks i aint playing another round, im sick of this already lol.

{VCP-DeathB}: lol

Raven=VCS=: come on vcs one more for the road and lets get em

{VCP-Ransom}: just ffa

{VCP-Ransom}: come on...

Oyst=VCS=: k then ;/

{VCP-DeathB}: yup ffa if they want to

Murton =VCS=: I got other shit to take care of

Raven=VCS=: nice one guys all part of the fun hehe

{VCP-DeathB}: lol 4000 rounds for the m60

{VCP-Ransom}: did I kill him with the motolov? lol

{VCP-DeathB}: lol

{VCP-Wartech: lol

{VCP-DeathB}: k well start here u guys start at the factory

Murton =VCS=: good game dudes

{VCP-DeathB}: on go meet in the center

Dealer=VCS=: think we shud leave the 3rd round now

{VCP-DeathB}: ?

{VCP-Ransom}: anyone?!?!

Murton =VCS=: catch you guys later

Oyst=VCS=: cya murt

Dealer=VCS=: we lost murton

{VCP-DeathB}: oh ok

Dealer=VCS=: 4 players

{VCP-Ransom}: lol

{VCP-Ransom}: doesn't matter

{VCP-DeathB}: cya guys l8r then =)

Dealer=VCS=: call it a day

{VCP-Ransom}: ? ok

Dealer=VCS=: yea gg

{VCP-DeathB}: yup gg everyone

{VCP-Wartech: are we playing 3rd round or not?

Dealer=VCS=: cya laterz

Dealer=VCS=: nope

{VCP-Wartech: ok

{VCP-Ransom}: later peeps

Murton =VCS= has left the game.

Raven=VCS= has left the game.

{VCP-Wartech killed {VCPD-MrBob}.

{VCP-Wartech: lol

[VCP]Ancyker: well vcp, lets ffa

{VCP-DeathB} has left the game.

{VCPD-MrBob}: FFA?

{VCP-SGB}: yah

Parker=VCS=: rematch is a deffinate though boyz

Oyst=VCS=: heh, good game? bleh

{VCP-Ransom}: lol

Oyst=VCS=: good fighting anyways

Dealer=VCS= has left the game.

Blue Zircon has joined the game.

Parker=VCS= has left the game.

Blue Zircon: haha

Oyst=VCS= has left the game.

{VCP-Wartech died.

Blue Zircon: iggy was dumb enough to give me the password a few days back

{VCP-Wartech: lol

{VCP-Wartech: oh well

[VCP]Ancyker: death

{VCP-Wartech has left the game.

Blue Zircon: fuck the vcp. free for all forever

{VCP-Ransom} has left the game.

Blue Zircon has left the game.

{VCPD-MrBob}: Anybody still here?

{VCPD-MrBob}: Well I'm off.

{VCPD-MrBob}: Good game.

{VCPD-MrBob} has left the game.

{VCP-Ransom} has joined the game.

Congrats to VCP for winning the tournament 4-0!


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i agree about the two threads thing, but :o off, were not gloating, just because we say we won doesnt mean that were gloating. so next time be a little nicer about it.

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oh so u dont gloat, eh?

What about what u did in the IRC channel

{VCP-DeathB} we dont want them to think that were bragging

15 minutes later

{VCP-DeathB} is now known as {VCP-DeathB}we-won-the-tourny-

{VCP-DeathB}we-won-the-tourny-> bbl

{VCP-DeathB}we-won-the-tourny- has quit IRC


{VCP-Ransom}) whooohooo!

({VCP-DeathB}) hey sm

({VCP-DeathB}) remember that bike trick that we used on u guys?

({VCP-DeathB}) thats how we won the 2nd round :)

({VCP-DeathB}) my trick pwns

({VCP-DeathB}) =)

({VCP-Ransom}) lol

({VCP-Ransom}) We killed like 5 guys... it was a massacre

U dont call that gloating, then what do u call it?

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  • MTA Team
oh so u dont gloat, eh?

What about what u did in the IRC channel

{VCP-DeathB} we dont want them to think that were bragging

15 minutes later

{VCP-DeathB} is now known as {VCP-DeathB}we-won-the-tourny-

{VCP-DeathB}we-won-the-tourny-> bbl

{VCP-DeathB}we-won-the-tourny- has quit IRC


{VCP-Ransom}) whooohooo!

({VCP-DeathB}) hey sm

({VCP-DeathB}) remember that bike trick that we used on u guys?

({VCP-DeathB}) thats how we won the 2nd round :)

({VCP-DeathB}) my trick pwns

({VCP-DeathB}) =)

({VCP-Ransom}) lol

({VCP-Ransom}) We killed like 5 guys... it was a massacre

U dont call that gloating, then what do u call it?

lol... it never ends. Someone always tries to put some text here and there and take out the parts before and after to incriminate VCP. Obviously I made a new thread so people could see the match report. Wouldn't work very well being inside the other place.

I won't even correct you on what was said because I know that has some pieces missing before and after. We were all joking.

btw, "massacre" was the words of dealer from VCS. I was quoting him.

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Session Start: Sun Oct 26 14:05:22 2003

Session Ident: #mta

[14:05] * Now talking in #mta

[14:05] * Topic is 'www.mtavc.com | READ THIS BEFORE SPEAKING! | 4This is the MTA discussion channel | Current: MTA:VC0.2 - MANUAL/FAQ/FORUM before asking questions - #mta-servers and ASE for servers - 4NO WAREZ - DON'T ASK FOR RELEASE DATES'

[14:05] * Set by Blokker on Tue Oct 21 09:30:36

[14:05] * fighting_vcs-bbl is now known as {VCP-DeathB}

[14:05] <{VCP-DeathB}> wheeeee heeeee

[14:05] <{VCP-DeathB}> :)

[14:05] by smell?

[14:05] lol

[14:05] no!

[14:05] lol

[14:05] or appearance?

[14:05] * Cray has joined #mta

[14:05] * {VCP-DeathB} knows the results of the vcs game =)

[14:05] lol

[14:05] Texture

[14:05] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Cray

[14:05] <{VCP-DeathB}> lol

[14:06] <{VCP-DeathB}> 2-0

[14:06] by the loox of it, its dated in '83

[14:06] hmm

[14:06] no wait, 82

[14:06] yea

[14:06] * SM-McCoy thinks Nomad sent some coffe powder to Rob, he doesnt make sense anymore dame hakiu manazigamandenez

[14:06] lol

[14:06] lol

[14:06] Not that he ever was

[14:06] h7uh

[14:06] Case and point

------------------------------------------------> READ THAT [14:06] <{VCP-DeathB}> BOW TO UR CHAMPIONS MWA HA HA j\k lol i had to say that

[14:06] <{VCP-Ransom}> so... now what happens now that the tourneys oveR?

[14:07] Go have a berr I guess =p

[14:07] * SM-McCoy makes note.... Forget about going to play on Robpol86 server for a while

[14:07] *beer

[14:07] brb

[14:07] <{VCP-Ransom}> ... victory dance? lol

[14:07] <{VCP-DeathB}> lol

[14:07] <{VCP-DeathB}> nah

[14:07] <{VCP-DeathB}> we dont want them to think that were bragging

[14:07] * lala has joined #mta

[14:07] <{VCP-DeathB}> *cough*

[14:07] lol

[14:07] <{VCP-Ransom}> a beer and a smoke...?

[14:07] <{VCP-DeathB}> sure il go for that

[14:07] <{VCP-DeathB}> bust em out

[14:07] Damn that sounds good

[14:07] <{VCP-Ransom}> WHOOOO

[14:08] <{VCP-Ransom}> lol

[14:08] <{VCP-Ransom}> you can't have one!

[14:08] <{VCP-SGB}> lol

[14:08] * {VCP-Ransom} takes away party beer and smokes from nomad

[14:08] I'm already having a smoke LOL

[14:08] <{VCP-DeathB}> lol

[14:08] smoking is bad

[14:08] <{VCP-DeathB}> im just going for the beer

[14:08] <{VCP-DeathB}> :)

[14:08] <{VCP-Ransom}> lol

[14:08] * wascally_wabbit has joined #mta

[14:08] So is sex. Smoking, you can get cancer. Sex, you can get children

[14:08] <{VCP-DeathB}> really?

[14:08] <{VCP-DeathB}> thanx for sharing

[14:08] * SM-McCoy is smoking a Cuban Cigar cause he can

[14:08] <{VCP-DeathB}> :)

[14:08] <{VCP-Ransom}> man, in that first round I went from almost killing two VCS with a copter to dying :(

[14:09] Which is worse? ;)

[14:09] * lala has quit IRC

[14:09] * {VCP-Ransom} is smoking a cigar bigger than me

[14:09] <{VCP-Ransom}> whooohooo!

[14:09] <{VCP-DeathB}> hey sm

[14:09] <{VCP-DeathB}> remember that bike trick that we used on u guys?

[14:09] I probly shouldn't talk. I have a kid AND I smoke =p

[14:10] <{VCP-DeathB}> thats how we won the 2nd round :)

[14:10] <{VCP-DeathB}> my trick pwns

[14:10] <{VCP-DeathB}> =)

[14:10] <{VCP-Ransom}> lol

[14:10] <{VCP-Ransom}> We killed like 5 guys... it was a massacre

[14:10] <{VCP-Ransom}> with a HUGE explosion

[14:11] * FrEnZy has joined #mta

[14:11] <{VCP-DeathB}> lol yup

[14:12] <{VCP-DeathB}> dealers words

[14:12] <{VCP-DeathB}> i loved the shock in his voice

[14:12] <{VCP-DeathB}> hehe

[14:12] hmm... I really need to get into some gang match.

[14:12] <{VCP-DeathB}> u were in the vck one me

[14:12] <{VCP-DeathB}> :)

[14:12] <{VCP-DeathB}> i killed u in the chopper remember =)

[14:12] ya, for two rounds :P

[14:12] <{VCP-DeathB}> lol i remember it :)

[14:15] <{VCP-Ransom}> heh

[14:15] <{VCP-Ransom}> that was funny

[14:15] <{VCP-Ransom}> they were actually quite good about it

i just thought that id edit to say here that i cut this part of the log out, because all that happened here was bump had a conversation with gadfly, we didnt talk so i see no reason to post it

[15:21] * {VCP-DeathB} is now known as {VCP-DeathB}we-won-the-tourny-

[15:21] <{VCP-DeathB}we-won-the-tourny-> bbl

[15:21] thats all I can think of

[15:21] seems to me you arent really talkign about anythign relative to the subject nozero

[15:22] * Disconnected

Session Close: Sun Oct 26 15:22:05 2003

now gf thats the complete log and all im going to say is this, IF YOUR GOING TO POST A LOG POST IT IN ITS ENTIRETY.

i HATE it when people post snipets of a log thinking that it proves there point

and gf, i dont know what ur thinking ur accomplishing by this, BUT STOP

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Yes, it's funny how they call us gloaters when all were doing is making a routine match report.

indeed, if we say we won, then all of a sudden were gloating, i think some people on this forum need to find out WHAT GLOATING IS. its far from what were doing. :P

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