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What Kind Of Music?

What Kind Of Music Do You Want To See In My Next Vid?  

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  1. 1. What Kind Of Music Do You Want To See In My Next Vid?

    • Rock
    • Punk
    • Techno
    • Metal
    • 80/Pop *Shudder*
    • Tango/Jazzy

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I would be really cool if you could sync the video with Gloria Gaynor - I will survive :D

Nah seriously I think it's best to choose something that you like to listen to yourself. Preferably something with a pretty fast pace or else I think it feels kinda weird. Although you could run the whole video in slowmo but that would probably end in something horrible...

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Here is a good song:

"Feel So Numb" by Rob Zombie from the album "The Sinister Urge"

Its fast paced and has some great audio cues for video sync'ing.

I was gonna use it in my next vid but for pacing I had to drop it and I already got 3 other songs lined up for my next 3 vids. So have at it if ya like it. :D

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drum and bass all the way =) some jazzy, soul, funk type stuff would be cool as well

though judging the music is impossible to do as that comes down to taste.

It shouldnt matter in the long run, as long as the stunts and editing are quality

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Well worth posting twice xerox. :wink:

That list isn't exactly wide-ranging. Punk, metal, rock, oh and a couple of joke choices... :roll:

New suggestions : Dub, Reggae, Classical, Folk, Jazz, Ambient, Indie, Blues, Experimental, Funk, Soul, proper Punk and so on... :D

A bit of DnB would be a nice change though. 8)

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The Votes Hath Been Cast! and Techno Won. So yeah,im using a particualr song from... DDR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BWAHAHHAHAHA actually my movies done now, timed and everything. Im just upping hte quality. its 2:40 seconds long and 38 megs... i Know the size sucks... But i dont want terrible quality like my last vid was!!!! so yeah, stay tuned to this board to see "Smactard Presents: Stomp it to my beat" hehe ohhhhhh yeah!


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