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Hello, I am currently working on a Life Game mode. This game mode helps players live an alternative reality on GTA SA.

With reality (not too real) on jobs, the economy, ETC.

Idea involves,

A land value system, the more people found being around a certain area of the map getting gas at one gas station will raise the

cost of near by housing and businesses. The head Admin gets an option panel on controlling the tax or the amount of vehicles and other items being sold at stores. So the land value effect can be over ridden.

I Do Not need developers (but if you would like to help, pm me) I do need a server to run this on. That person may still be the head admin. Pm me with a server you need a game mode for, or respond with changes to my given idea that you find fitting.

I am willing to work and finish this, but do not have the motivation to work on such small project if i can not get it on any servers.

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Servers are definitely not free. If you know any hosters, you might be able to ask them for a VPS or something in exchange for an advert on your server. That's what I did when starting my TF2 server.

Also, this isn't really a scripting issue.

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