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GUI problem


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I cant see gui i can see only cursor whats the problem? NO errors

function skinshopgui() 
skingui = guiCreateWindow(500,200,290,440,"Skin Shop",true) 
skingrid = guiCreateGridList(0.0476,0.0789,0.9048,0.7789,true,skingui) 
skincolumn = guiGridListAddColumn(skingrid,"Skin",0.-- s8) -->
skincolumncost = guiGridListAddColumn(skingrid,"$",0.2) 
skincolumnid = guiGridListAddColumn (skingrid,"ID", 0.1 ) 
local skins = {{Bok,1, 1000},{Bok,2, 1000},{Bok,3, 1000},{Bok,4,1000},{Bok,5, 1000},{Bok,6, 1000},{Bok,7, 1000},{Bok,8, 1000},{Bok,9, 1000},{Bok,10, 1000},{Bok,11, 1000},{Bok,12, 1000},{Bok,13, 1000},{Bok,14, 1000},{Bok,15, 1000},{Bok,16, 1000},{Bok,17, 1000},{Bok,18, 1000},{Bok,19, 1000},{Bok,20, 1000}} 
for u,i in ipairs (skins) do 
    local skinrow = guiGridListAddRow (skingrid) 
    guiGridListSetItemText (skingrid, skinrow, 1, tostring(i[1]), true, true) 
    guiGridListSetItemText (skingrid, skinrow, 2, tostring(i[2]), true, true) 
    guiGridListSetItemText (skingrid, skinrow, 3, tostring(i[3]), true, true) 
skinbutt = guiCreateButton(0.0476,0.8724,0.4178,0.0963,"Buy skin",true,skingui) 
skinbuttclose = guiCreateButton(0.52,0.8724,0.4199,0.1009,"Close",true,skingui) 
    showCursor ( true ) 
addEvent ( "skinshopgui", true ) 
addEventHandler ( "skinshopgui", root, skinshopgui ) 

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