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Improve objects loading


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The objects loading system needs some serious improvements. Im talking about race gamemode, driving with infernus on nowadays map will guarantee objects are not loading from distance or you can see them loading which is very ugly and ruins the gaming experience. Sure it was all okey year ago when maps didnt have so many objects but times change and MTA needs to follow the changes :)

To make it more clear i will add some videos:

(from 0:40 its possible to see how objects are showing when player is only few meters away from there but should be visible from way more distance)


(1:05 everything is still loading)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STn88OxK ... _embedded#!

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Well, I don't really know yet how can those maps work that well. My computer uses to freeze when I try to make a map with over 1000 objects. You can notice some objects appearing secs after they had to show in the video, well, that is because GTA:SA wasn't made for that, obviously. Why would R* mess up making a better object streamer if there aren't more than 10 objects showing up in the players screens. If you haven't a high-end computer, probably you will notice lag when you accelerate in those kind of maps.

They need LOD (level of detail) support.

And that support is already in MTA, but that would definitely mess up the game. If it doesn't work that well without any LOD model, try to imagine with.

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It depends of the stream distance, hugly models can appear closer and have more than only 1 LOD model, but more than 1 LOD models do not exist in gta sa I think...

So we have :

-LOD models that appear closer to keep the objects in the view with performance and without the pop-up effect. (GTA sa have it, 1 LOD)

-Do not stream objects behind the player. (cone view technique)

-Use mip-mapping. (LOD for texture, the computer load very small textures when they are far away so we have better performance and no dancing pixels with fences textures. GTA sa have it)

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