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adding the date collumn in race top times


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hello. as some of you already know the default race toptimes resource has only 3 collumns: 1st is the position, 2nd, is the nickname of the one who has this position and the 3rd is his/her time. but as far as i know the date of every record that has ever been set is also saved in the registry.db (the file where all the information about records is held). so my question is: does it take an unspeakable amount of scripting knowledge to make the date collumn appear along with the 3 other collumns mentioned above or everything can be done by adding a few new lines in toptimes_client.lua? if it's hard than i'm looking for someone who can get the job done, for money of course, if it's easy, than please tell me how to do it, since, i believe i'm not the only one who wants to add the date collumn in the race top times.

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