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Dedicated Win32 server dies upon user connects

Guest HellBoy

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Okay, first a little about my server:


AMD T-Bird 1.33GHz



Intel 10/100/1000 ethernet adapter

Windows 2003 Adv. Server


I wanna host MTA:VC 0.2 for LAN, and the server starts up just fine (v. 0.2.1), and people can connect to the server through the client and it's still working fine.

When one player chooses start game and starts Multi Theft Auto it's all good, but when the second player wants to join the fun the server suddnely dies without any errormessage. The server is just avaiable through terminal, so theres no keyboard attached with a sticky Q-key :P

The server have got all the lastest updates from Windowsupdate, so that shoudnt be a problem. Anyone know whats wrong?

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