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Sort a PointSystem DD/DM


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Hey! Im going to create nice pointsystem but im already thinking how to sort it.

Script save the AccountName and PointValue of players and must sort them from biggest PointValue because i would like to get player current rank in points.

I think the best is SQLlite to do this what you think? Maybe it can be easiest with another one idk.

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What about that idea?

To get number of bigger values then one player have :D ?

I mean we search in SQL for bigger values then our player have and that's his rank + 1

Something like that:

We have 10 players with points, 5 of them have more then we so our rank is 5 + 1 = 6 so we are 6th.

Script count the number with more points and then we add + 1 to it and here we are :D

How should our dbQuery look ?

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Yea SQL have it :)

It work nice :) But how get the position of our player ?

local sortquery = dbQuery (playerstatistic, "SELECT * FROM PlayerPoints ORDER BY points DESC") 
    local positon = dbPoll(sortquery,-1) 

I don't really understand table which is created by dbPoll, how can i read a number of a row from it ? I mean i will look for same accountname and get the row number of it :)

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Ok i will try to use one of the examples.

local result, numrows, errmsg = dbPoll ( qh, -1 )

local result, numrows, errmsg = dbPoll ( qh, -1 ) 
if numrows > 0 then 
    for result, row in pairs ( result ) do 
        -- by using a second loop (use it if you want to get the values of all columns the query selected): 
        for column, value in pairs ( row ) do 
            -- column = the mysql column of the table in the query 
            -- value = the value of that column in this certain row 
        -- or without a second loop (use it if you want to handle every value in a special way): 
        outputChatBox ( row["column"] ) -- it will output the value of the column "column" in this certain row 

How to get values in each row?

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