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Probably some crap already told ideas!

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Sorry for my lack of makein sense, but if ya dont understand then tough!!!

but i thought these would be kinda cool, some are probably already mentioned.

:arrow: - Gone in 60 Seconds - Not same as the film, but you have to steal a certain amount of a certain car and bring it back to ya base.

:arrow: - Speed - One person drives a bus and others have to make him slow downbetween 50mph, or everybody drives a bus and last person to survive wins.

:arrow: - Police - You have to arrest as many people as you can within a certain time limit, the person with more arrests wins.

:arrow: - Crazy Taxi - You have to pick us a many customers and take them to their destination. The person with more customers at the end of the time wins.

:arrow: - Live Saver - You have to save as many victims as you can. The person who saves most when the time runs out wins.

:arrow: - Fire Fighter - You have to put out as many fires as you can before end of the time, the person who saves most in the end wins.

:arrow: - Co-op - A normal coop mode.

:arrow: - Package Finder - Each person has to find all 100 packages to win.

:arrow: - Riot - All the peds fight each other and have fight you, they also have weapons (probably could just use the cheat if it allows ya)

:arrow: - Criminal - Everybody against one, the person who kills the criminal is it.


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