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My suggestions..

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Just made this list up, ill try to explain them in as much detail as i can.

Most of these ideas come from a server view, like things that could be added or improved in the server.. - because thats what i do :P

  • Option to allow registration and logins to connect to the server, this will prevent nick theft which i have seen a bit of on my server.
  • Ban lists that take effect on the server immediately without requiring you to restart the server (see next point for an idea on how).
  • Allow the editing of the server options and configuration in the Administration client, such as server name, ban list, motd etc and then have something like a 'rehash' button which will allow this updated configuration to come into effect without restarting the server.. (linux people will understand this more as you may have seen it with eggdrops and ircd's).
  • Profiles for registered users allowing them to specify a default player/character to play as automatically when they start the game.
  • Log files are not erased at server startup but are appended to (make it an option in the cfg or something). As well as an option for log rotation (i know linux itself can do this by adding a line to the logrotate config files - but it would also be nice for windows users).
  • Web based server administration, or release the protocol specifications for the administration client so we can make our own ones..
  • Something which will allow us to write our own scripts etc which will list the server name, motd, and current players list on our websites without enabling the ASE option.. because some of us dont want our servers registered with ASE ;)

Well, I think thats it for now.. It would be great to see if some of these were added into a future release.

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Nick Theft: who cares. people steal your name, use a variant until they leave. Its just like with any other game that has public, unpermanent naming... who cares? If anything, make it so you can change your name in-game. I personally dont like the idea.

What I would like to see is an open interface for getting current gamedata with ASE off, as you said, so scripts can utilize these features and not need to be listed on ASE. Once/if such a solution is formed, i'll be happy to write a community-driven php statspage for MTA...

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Well.. along with the nick theft thing, having registration does lead to lots of other things...especially for us stats page developers. :P

Registration would be an optional thing, it was just something in the side of my mind.. it would be one of those little bonus's..that i can live without

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