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Suggestions that i really REALLY want/need!


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here, ill list wat i hope to see in forthcomming vers of mta. since my last feat request went to shits...

1) Whenever the server restarts, instead of turncating logfile, append to it.

-whenever i restart my sever my log is killed... and id like to have history, and also, those ppl that dare to use logparsing scripts will loose their stuff

2) logfile stuff

-(rotate logfile) if the above is applied, then i dont want a 25 MB logfile...

-it would also be nice to have timestamps on the log, configged in the conf file (hh:mm:ss tt) [hour:min:sec am/pm]. stuff like that (like in progs such as mirc)

3) More info printed out a seperate port to query the mta server w/ fsockopen()

-i dont think any more info would be needed on the ase port, and i dont wanna use a damned logparser. this isnt as high priority anymore but would be nice to have. maby more info like perhaps ip or if theyre ingame or not.

4) Dont scroll up when clicking on chatbox on mta client

-whenever i minimize or change focus to another app, and then want to go back to the client by clicking on the chatbox, it scrolls up, after a file it gets annoying :( . but set this as a lower priority level

5) Do something about colors

-this is just a personal want, isnt as important. like, whenever sum1 kills some1 else, sho it in (lets say) red. whenever sum1 parts/join, yellow. whenever sum1 says something, white. etc. and, if u can, dont let those kiddie bastards use colors in their nick! (i dont know nething about directx so i dunno)

6) About the nicks

-most games support around 16 or more characters in nicks (ut, t2, etc). this is more of begging, but wtvr. this is more important, limit on what characters ppl can use. allow A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and a few special chars, but not essential characters like ? (or a special ? that shows up as a ?). i use ? to seperate nicks in my stats page, and when sum1 entered w/ a nick of "??", it effed up my stats page. also, sum type of server side character limit would b nice (sum ppl get in my game w/ too many chars and it only displays a few, and at the end it shows a messed up character that screws up the log, admintool, and statspage).

7) chatbox stuff

-ingame, the chatbox is a badass enhancement. but, sometimes ppl start talkin shit to each other and it floods everything. in tribes2, u can press pageup and down to scroll though the box. a similar feature would be favorable. also, setting the width and height of the box might provide useful to those with large resolutions and now resolutions.

9)Banning stuff

-ok, if that irc admin tool thing is gunna work, then hell yes! if u would be so kind, please let it sumhow extract hostmasks from players (like in real irc). i think this will also need to be supported in the mta-server, but i just want it to work. doing this will end the war between ME and DHCP!! scripting bots to autoban on wat ppl say (badwords, racism, ips) is good (i know its going to be supported for the irc thingy)

10) mta:// protocol

-RESOLVED!!! http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?p=57735

11) admin stuff

-sometimes it might be wise to kick another admin form your server (u know who u r!). if possible, make a different list for admins or flag them somehow in the list (in the admin thing). Also, whenever i ban someone, it shows them as kicked. i think it would be more offencive to the lamer if people knew he was banned instead of kicked. maby say Banned instead of kicked?

12) Seperate file for rules

-ok, since blokker said that motd is not used for rules, then what is?! a solution would be a seperate file for the rules. and, instead of showin the rules upon entering the actual game (not server), make it print the rules when the player enters the server. those n00bs need to be pointed in the right direction sumhow

12) non-static title

-for example, my server is a normal dm server. then comes bump and tests his stuff on my server, this would be a good time to be able to alter the server name without bringing it down. maby altering the config file and doing something like a graceful restart (like apachectl). or if that cant be done, a simple /title command from the admin.

13) /notice in mta

-sumtimes, in teamdm game mode, when players join, it autogreets them. this will get hella annoying, peoples screens and the admin tool's screen. im hoping that in the next server release, to add /notice support in sum way, so when people join, only they see the greeting.

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