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Why not concentrate more on mta:vc devolpment?

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So when i try to scan 4 gta3:mta servers in ase i just recieve one or two which are often empty... it may depend on my location. its germany. but it really seems that not that much ppl are playin gta3:mta. and more ppl are playin mta:vc. so why dont u guys concentarte more on mta:vc?

My oppinoin on that may be wrong. if so plz delete this post and then i'm sorry about it!

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I doubt it.I don't know much about them,but how would they do it like that if the MTA team has more experience than them and hasn't done it yet(If they intend to). :roll::?:

EDIT:HAHAHAH,just checked gta WO's site.They say thay have 'joined with gtat'.Guess whats on the downloads section?MTA :roll::twisted:

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Cant wait for the new version of Mta.. the I started with GTAT... because it was the first one i found.. and i Founf Mta but it wasent finished.. (this is way back in time.. It was Summer) When Mta came... it was Easy too use and all that.. Anyways.. I am very Excited about a Multiplayer for Gta Vice city.. Keep Up The Good Work.. :)

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I think I would enjoy GTA III as a multiplayer once they clean it up a bit. Last I saw of GTA III Multiplayer from the MTA team it was very limited. Couldn't really shoot other players in cars, things just seemed... Well... bad. If they can get GTA III running as nicely as GTA VC is currently, I'd play it from time to time.

I like the cop cars better in GTA III ;)

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GTA3:MTA.. eh.. I really want to play it because of the 90's looks.. such as the Banshee (awesome) etc...

it is missing a LOT that vice city is missing.. which is very sad.

the map is okay, i guess. didn't like the third island too much. but it would probably be the best, online

if the GTA3 version DOESN'T crash, i'll play MTA on that for awhile.. but if it crashes as much as my VC version.. then i'm going to say screw it.. but GTA3 lags like hell on my computer, and it takes 30+ more seconds ontop of VC to load up

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