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Destroying elements on quit


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So i'm using the bone_attach ressource but i have a little issue, i attach objects to players, but when they quit the object remains in the air.

I'v tried this it doesn't do nothing and no bug

function destroyAttached () 
local attached = getAttachedElements(source) 
    for i,v in ipairs (attached) do 
        if exports.bone_attach:isElementAttachedToBone(v) then 
addEventHandler("onPlayerQuit", getRootElement(),destroyAttached) 

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getAttachedElements won't do the job because it's not an attachment done using attachElements. And the resource doesn't have the function to return elements attached to specific ped/player. The easiest solution would be setting object's parent to player using setElementParent and the object will be destroyed automatically when player quits.

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