I like polls!! please check off an answer!! WHAT WAS UR FAVOURITE VIDEO BY ANDYROOSOSOFT??  

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  1. 1. I like polls!! please check off an answer!! WHAT WAS UR FAVOURITE VIDEO BY ANDYROOSOSOFT??

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:shock::shock: - - - - - - WOW - - - - - - :shock::shock:

I watched the finished version of the AMPT Stunt Reel, best vid i've ever seen myself :shock: !!!! before i show the link, here r a few screenshots! 8)








The link: :twisted:

NEW::: TheGamersAlliance mirror:

this will take to to the page where u can download it. thanks to everybody for ur support on this, its been a major project!!

EDIT::::: Im workin on the faggio video and SORRY right now, theyll be out pretty soon, watch out for them on this topic!!!

Enjoy u guys! - - - - - -Andyroososoft :P

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Is this mirrored somewhere? Me on cable don't like to dl stuff that takes 3-4 hours to dl

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Thanks this speed rules. Only 5 minutes to wait for 100MB. Better than 3-4 hours

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I give it a 7

missed some really obvious musical hits on wonderboy, though i liked the car grinds :-P

And probably would have been better if the recording was done initially at a higher framerate... seemed choppy in parts, but not in others, kinda messed w/ my head.

overall decent editing pretty cool stunts

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Stunts: 9/10 (nice original stunts with some badass grinds)

Editing: 7/10 (nice transitions but all in all i wasn't so impressed)

Camera angles: 7/10 (some spots were really bad but mostly it was fine)

I would rank the video a 8/10 probably all in all. I deffinetly enjoyed watching it. I liked the length, I hate only watching a video for like 60 seconds. I found myself saying "that had to be tweaked!" and you know when you get the viewers thinking that, you've done something truely impressive. Keep up the good work.

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Well what i like to do is comare movies to my own. And I try to do it as level headed as possible but... Well ok. Your stunting was great, better than my own. Your music was great and since you had many different songs I will have to say it beat mine. The legnth kicked the shit out of mine. And finally the only place where I win is editing :D YAY. Overall this was a 9/10 in my book. Very good. Extremely awesome. Probably my new favorite vid (besides mine). Great job!

Oh and if your wondering the name of my vid was unforgiven. If you want it all the d/l links are at

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Good video. The frame rate was really annoying but most of the stunts were good and aswell as the music although as someone else said, some obvious transitions were missed. But I must say, the stunt at 9:52, the long ass jump to a grind on the building was at the same time my favorite stunt and the most dissapointing one because you crashed :)


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yeah, sumtimes my computer seems to lag a bit cuz of my video card, so sum of the replays arent in tip-top shape! The big air to grind u r talkin bout wuz done by my friend (he's the P in AMPT) when he came over to my house, i wuz upstairs, and he showed me the replay. i thought it wuz awsome too, pity about that telephone pole being there tho! :?

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i usually don't reply to many vidz

but, man this was worth d/ling and seeing!

first of all, longest length video i've seen yet

some of my favorite jumps were in there

editing was very unique and looks like it took a lot of effort/time

now the critical:

u could have messed around more with fps

some of the stunts would have looked good at a faster pace

some of the regular stunts that everyone does are sprinkled in there too

maybe could have a little bit more MTA action with some nice setups

Stunts: 8.5

Music: 8


you are definitely up there with Thargore, Jeve, and Chaoswolf in quality (IMHO)

thanks for the entertainment and i can't wait to see what u can do next

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This is a video above the average but it's not the best i've seen, not even close. Anyway here are some comments:


Most of the stunts were actually nice

The intro was pretty nice

The editing (except cutting) was nicely done


The music transitions weren't very great

Some stunts are way too easy and feels more like they're there to fill up some space

Some clips are unneccessary long

To give the videos a more professional look, remove the flashing replay text in the left corner (with a txt editor)

Stunts: 8/10

Originiality: 6.0/10

Editing: 7/10

Total: 7.5/10

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thanx for the comments guyz, ill keep that in mind for my next videos!

oh yeah, and about sum of the stunts being pretty easy - i know but i needed to show i have a large vocabulary of tricks!

plus, i have a new forum on my hosting website if u wish to visit it. just click my signature picture to get to my site and ull find the forums on the navigation menu!

l8er guyz! - - - - - Andyroososoft

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damn androo how do you do it??? I post my vid in hopes of feed back and i get a host battle :D . Well if no one has anything to say about it its a 10/10 best movie ever.

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hahahaha, yeah. Sum people were takin the crap outta my server which does actually suk, and DJ went a little wierd. but hey, thats life :D glad u guys enjoyed the vid!

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lol, i just landed the most wikid stunt on a faggio! haha, huge fukin corkscrews! Plus i just did a 540 to grind, it looks awsome!

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unfortunantly i dont think a lot of those stunts were landed and controlled (then again im a picky basted =P)

some good original stunts (all im judging on)

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actually, i believe i landed all of them. maybe except for a few, but i HAD to put them on cuz they looked so good till i crashed!

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