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Question: Drive by. [L&A]



Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to MTA and I know this question might sound nooby but I'll go ahead and ask it anyway.

So I'm used to be able to drive-by = shoot while being in a vehicle. Now when I joined MTA after trying some things out I realized I cannot do that here, atleast not in the way I'm used to. So my question is, can I drive by on MTA? If so, what weapons can I use and how do I do that?

p.s - It might not be the correct place to ask general questions about MTA but I didn't find any other forum I can post it at so I just posted it here, please move it to the correct section if its not this one.

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Awesome it works, thank you! I really like the fact you can drive by as a driver here and also that you can go back in the vehicle simply without bugging out.

Just one thing, it says I can press 'q' and 'e' to switch between weapons but when I press it it doesn't change the weapon I'm holding even though I have more than one on me and I both of them are compatible with this resource.

(I'm trying to switch to ak47)

EDIT: I can switch between weapons but for some reason any weapon that is in slot 4+ (which is compatible with this resource) doesn't work for me. E.g AK47, M4, Minigun and more. Anyone knows what may be the problem?

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