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[REL] Extra Health


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Hi everyone.

Well, as you all may know, there's already a "extra health" resource, but is not working, so after I seen that many people need this, I decided to make my own and upload it.

Exported functions are:

getElementExtraHealth ( theElement ) 
setElementExtraHealth ( theElement, theHealth ) 
isElementWithExtraHealth ( theElement ) 
setElementInvulnerable ( theElement, theState ) 
isElementInvulnerable ( theElement ) 

Download link:

Click here!

Enjoy it!

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Nice resource Castillo, good job as always and to the two above comments, zombie servers usually tend to use a lot more health, for example the zombie peds might have 4000% more health than usual. Just use your initiative and you'll come up with some great ideas.

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Well, yesterday before start creating this, I tested yours and it just didn't work, no errors or anything, just zombies could be killed like they had normal health.

@qais, anderl: This can be used to increase player's health, zombies ( to make bosses ) and whatever you want.

@knash: Thanks.

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