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Help me , problem with update



Hello all, I have a serious problem in my MTA 1.3, now when I click on the servers of race AMG, TG and FFS my MTA asks me to do an "Update" as shown in the image below.


I click and it is installing what it is to install and asks to click ok


and closes up to and okay, and is extracted ...


after that always comes to this crap error @ _ @


I click ok and opens normally the MTA, the sooner the entrance, again asks me to press on upload, as we know it will give the same problem I click "no", dae that comes the sob, I click a server and any this image appears ....


Personal in good someone can give me an e Helpzão DD:? Thanks in advance ..

I want to play again in my favorite servers and I hope you help me =(.

PS:I have an update to return to previous form so I can play other servers, more no in my favorites ... =\

I tried 10 times to reinstall the mta and not works, I was looking for questions and answers I found a similar error did not help more...

'No such mod installed (deathmatch)'

I am getting a 'No such mod installed (deathmatch)' error message when trying to connect to any server

Option 1: Simply re-install MTA.

Option 2: Run both gta_sa.exe and Multi Theft Auto.exe with administrator privileges.

This site was here http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Known_Issues_-_FAQ

I hope you have another solution, or that I expect the MTA to upgrade your version 1.4 =(.

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