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Hi. I have problem. When I hit marker I start a route and when otheplayer hit it(he can't see it) then it starts again/(only for me). How can I fix?

CODE client:

function createHackerRoute() 
    if getElementData( localPlayer, "Role" ) == "Hacker" then 
        if not getElementData( localPlayer, "Route" ) then 
        outputChatBox("Your hacker route has been started", 255, 255, 0, true) 
        setElementData( localPlayer, "Route", true ) 
        outputChatBox("You have allready started a route", 255, 255, 0, true) 
addCommandHandler("hackerroute", createHackerRoute) 
function cMakerAndStartNewRoute() 
    local x,y,z = mathTheHackerRandomPosition() 
    hackerMarker = createMarker( x,y,z-1, "cylinder", 2 ) 
    hackerBlip = createBlipAttachedTo( hackerMarker, 19 ) 
    addEventHandler("onClientMarkerHit", hackerMarker, cTimerHacker) 
function cTimerHacker() 
    theTimer = setTimer( checkIFisTimer , 30000, 1 ) 
    setElementFrozen( localPlayer, true ) 
    addEventHandler ( "onClientRender", root, createText ) 

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function refreshPoliceComputerGridList() 
guiGridListClear ( policeComputerGUI["PlayerGridList"] ) 
    for index, player in ipairs (getElementsByType("player")) do 
        if getPlayerWantedLevel( player ) >= 1 then 
        local row = guiGridListAddRow ( policeComputerGUI["PlayerGridList"] ) 
        guiGridListSetItemText ( policeComputerGUI["PlayerGridList"], row, policeComputerGUI["PlayerNameColumn"], getPlayerName ( player ), false, false ) 
        guiGridListSetItemText ( policeComputerGUI["PlayerGridList"], row, policeComputerGUI["PlayerWantedLevel"], "  "..getPlayerWantedLevel( player ), false, false ) 
        guiGridListSetItemText ( policeComputerGUI["PlayerGridList"], row, policeComputerGUI["MoneyBonus"], "  "..getPlayerWantedLevel( player )*15000, false, false ) 

Why it adds all players and all players has the same wanted level as I ?

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Guest Guest4401
int getPlayerWantedLevel ( ) 

Look at the getPlayerWantedLevel's syntax. If you're using it clientside, it only gets the wanted level of localPlayer.

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