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I cant get my friends to join my game!!! HELP!


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I created a server in "Host Game" and I gave my friends the IP address but when they try to connect it says "Connection Timed Out". So I told them to search for it and they said, they couldn't find any results. I went on this forum to see how, but all of the answers say type open ports in console, but when I do that it says "Unknown command or cvacr: openports". What do I do!!! Please Help Me ASAP!! Give me a step by step answer, be detailed. :D Thanks for you time and consideration :)

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I went to MTA SA/server/MTA server and opened it. then i typed "openports". It said,

"Port 22126 UPD is closed. Players can not browse

Port 22003 UPD is closed. Players can not join

Port 22005 TCP is closed. Players can not download"

how do i open them? and how do i create a server? with the ports open?

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yes, i need to know what to fill in for Start Ports and End Ports for each of the Ports.

and i need to know what ip address i should put for each port. any help please? i also updated the 1 and made it too 1, just like the instructions say in multitheftauto wiki

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