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Tired for Opening garages?

Now u can open it with very easy idea :D


That Script i made it when i am free , really easy easy easy , and simple , any one can use it and open garages with it

SF Garage , CJ Garage , any garage u want :D


First of all:

Download the Script:

http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... ls&id=5167

and unzip the script , then change script folder name to (Garages2)

and then open ur server console or if ur server already opened , go to the Game , then type in main chat

(/cjhouse) with out caps , for open and close CJ House garage

so CJ Garage will open , for close it type the same command ..


Okay , if u want to open another garage go to:



Then open (Garages2) Folder

and Open Garages.Lua

and you will see That Code

Number setGarageOpen(ID,true) 

The ID = Garage ID

so if CJ House is (9)

so u gonne see the code as

Number setGarageOpen(9,true) 

To Change the code goto the wiki , pick the garage number you want.


if u want open santia maria Beach Garage

go to wiki , then look at the list you gonne see (13 = ID | Player Garage: Santa Maria Beach)

so open Garages Folder

then open Garages.Lua , then change the all (9) id to 13.


Number setGarageOpen(13,true) 

and Save then Go in the game and type /start garages2

after that go at Santia maria Beach and be front of (CJ House) then type /cjhouse

and the Garage will Open. to close it use the same command

soon i ll add new resoucre wait it :D

sorry for bad english

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i'll added cjhouse garage and santa maria beachhouse garage also in same script, now if I type /cjhouse command, all 2 garages open in same time.. :( can you fix this...  

function open(toggle)
    if toggle == true then
         garage = true
    if toggle == false then
         garage = false
     if toggle == true then
         garage = true
    if toggle == false then
         garage = false

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