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[BOSS] Super Powers Beta


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This topic is to answer the common questions asked in the server, and to give a place for people to report bugs in the script.


-Players get to pick up to 4 super powers to play with, and a theme modifier.

-Players can fight each other, or fight random crimes around the city.

-Random crimes are placed around the city such as muggings, and gang attacks

-Players can go to the police station to be given missions (only current available mission is to go on patrol)



Claws - Punching will cause claws to pop out of your hands that will slice your enemies and create claw marks on the enemy screen. Double clicking the aim button will cause you to lunge forward, slashing through anyone in the way.

Beam attack - Double clicking the aim button fires a beam of energy, Automatically locking onto the closest enemy within your sight. This has a different effect for each theme:

Fire - A heat beam comes out of your eyes, lighting the enemy on fire temporarily

Ice - Ice beams fire out of your hands, trapping your enemy within a frozen block of ice temporarily.

Science - A bolt of electricity flies from your hand, zapping your enemy.

Magic - A cone of magic emits from your mind, temporarily transforming your enemy into a random object.

Throw Stuff - Pick up Objects such as trees, garbage, poles, benches, mailboes, etc by walking up to them and double clicking aim. Hurl the object at your enemies by double clicking aim again.

Boomerang - Double click and hold the Aim button to pull out your boomerang and aim it. Release the aim button to throw. You can bounce it off up to 2 walls before it will return to you.

Energy Ball - Double click and hold the Aim button to charge up and aim a ball of energy. Release aim to launch. The longer you charge, the faster and more powerful the blast.

Double Sword - Double Click aim to perform a spinning move, slicing anyone standing close to you and sending them flying into the air. When not in your hands, the swords stay attached to your back, ready to be used again.

Dash Attack - Double click aim will make you launch yourself forwards, tossing any players or cars that are in your path high into the air.


Healing factor - While standing still, Your player will slowly regain health.

Armor Regeneration - While standing still, Armor will slowly regenerate.

Invisibility - After being attacked, you will turn invisible temporarily, confusing your enemies.

Shield - By blocking (holding aim and jump buttons) you will raise a barrier that protects you from some attacks.

Bullet Dodge - When an enemy fires bullets at you, you quickly dodge their fire for several seconds. This power needs to recharge after each use.

Durability - Immune from environmental damage, like Falling or drowning.


Sky Surfing - Press the transport button to summon a surf board customized for your theme. Flying it can be tricky, but it's the fastest way to travel.

Teleportation - Hold the transport button down to aim an arrow key that points to where you will teleport to once the transport key is released. The longer you hold the button, the further you can teleport.

Grapple Hook - Press the Transport button to pull out your grapple gun, aim it and fire, you will be pulled directly to where you fired. If used with wall climbing power, you can press the transport button to toggle between climbing and grapple.

Super Jump - Hold the jump key to launch yourself in the air for a super high and far jump. Don't worry abut falling, you will automatically land softly.

Grav Bike - Press transport button to summon a bike, then Press it again to toggle the bike's gravity control in order to drive up walls and across ceilings. You need to let this power recharge, or you may find yourself falling off a wall unexpectedly.

Flight - Temporarily disabled due to crashing issue.


Wall Climb - Jump towards a vertical surface, then press jump again while still in the air. You will stick to the wall and can use the up/down/left/right controls to climb. Press jump again to dismount, or climb to the floor or up to a ledge.

Wall Jump - Press jump while in the air and facing a vertical surface and you will launch yourself up and away. Great for getting to rooftops from alleyways, evading enemy fire, or just looking cool.

Super Sprinting - Keep running and you will get a large burst of super speed. Great for swimming too. This power must recharge.

KungFu - Double Tap the Jump button and you will deliver a powerful kick that will send anyone in range flying up into the air.

Knockout Punch - Punching an enemy results in them being stunned, blinded, and unable to retaliate for a short time.


Fire - emits a trail of flames whenever using powers. Ice themed enemies get reduced damage.

Ice - emits a trail of snow whenever using powers. fire themed enemies get reduced damage.

Magic - emits a trail of magic effects whenever using powers. Science themed enemies get reduced damage.

Science - emits a trail of sparks whenever using powers. magic themed enemies get reduced damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use my transport power?

A: You must bind a key to "transport" for example: "/bind r transport" will make your r button the transport button.

Q: How do I use ______ Power?

A: Read the power information above

Q: Can I be an Admin?

A: No, and stop asking.

Q: How do I change powers?

A: Die and respawn, or type "menu theme true" in console (this might be removed later)

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That something new and original. I had some fun.

Some powers seem to be unballanced. Speed , super jump and energy ball are the strongest imo.

There are well equiped oponents. An enemy with minigun = insta death.

There is 1 bug i'd like to point out:

You can't use superjump on some surfaces (even flat ones). I've also died few times landing on a curvy surface (road going up).

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