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[DM] IntreLeX ft. ArMAnI ft. ZeroCool - Land of The Lost


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Hey Guys.

Today I'm gonna show you another featuring between 3 mappers.

The track is quite solid and the map isn't overdecorated either, I especially liked the third part.

Well, I would consider this map as a success, good job all of you.

Rate, comment and subscribe if you like my video(s)!

If you also want me to record your map, simply PM me.

I'm trying out 1080p, so don't hesitate to test the quality with 1080p and fullscreen!



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Just you gonna need tools like this


and you will have the best map :P

Tools make all, mapers dont do nothing. Just deco, but that is bullsh**t. just lag

I actually hate every existing mapping tool. I won't ever use them. I consider mapping should be more like an art, something a mapper should put its effort into, not something that can be done so easily with things like toolboxes.

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