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2 Hours Later... New Video

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Ok, Been a while since someone has made a video so i decided to step up to the plate again. I worked on this movie last night and I am in the process of uploading it to my server right now. I spent about 2 hours making this vid so don't expect a whole lot. Its about 5 minutes long and 17.5 megs. Check it out and give me feedback, just keep in mind i threw this together in a matter of 2 hours so don't expect a masterpiece.


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cuz i like to, plus its an organized library where people can download the vids they want, becuz of the descriptions i provide. I realize my hosting isnt super fast like bloody's, but weither the transfer speed is 150-300 kb/s or 15-200 kb/s , ur gonna get the file, just takes a little longer, people who r patient about this dont mind. If ur worried about the transfer speed, start the download and play sum VC, come back and it'll probably be done!

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