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P.L.A.S.T.A - Pleasant Light Amusing Special Thread Addicts


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P.L.A.S.T.A-Pleasant light Amusing Special Thread Addicts

Welcome people, to the brand new still shrink-wrapped PLASTA thread. Thought I'd start fresh, and post rules, members etc etc.

PLASTA is one of the newest gangs in MTA (started 10 minutes ago and i would say only second to GM (Goodness ME!), and since GM is non-existant (pun not understood) i guess that makes Plasta the shortest-running gang in MTA history. The group is made up of the MTA regulars and jokers. Entry is not on an INVITE ONLY basis (see below for members details =)

Moderators/developers if they wish to join can if they like, as long as they are funny. Speak to anyone you like to apply =)

Our aim is basically to have a lot of fun. Don't take this group at all seriously, as we all crack more funnies than the rest of the forums combined =)

Currently the members are as follows



Winston Churchill

Groucho Marx

[pig] Pusher "honorary leader" (cos he knows nothing about this)

Members - in no particular order

Benny Hill *Honorary*

John Cleese

Eric Morecombe *Honorary*

Spike Milligan *Honorary*

Eric Idle (we have the best Erics)

Terry Gilliam (every group needs a straight-man)

Ben Elton

Michael Palin (overseas correspondant)

Peter sellers *Honorary*

John Belushi *Honorary*

John Candy *Honorary*

*Honorary* status means that the member has been inactive (dead) for some time, once they start posting again we will be calling for the exorcist but in the meantime they will go back to being active members.

Now the all-star list above may be in other groups... people in PLASTA are allowed to be in anything else they want. Even if its not funny. Dentistry for example.

ALLYS - Loyal allys of P.L.A.S.T.A

Ally McGraw

Ally McCall

Ally McBeal

Dark Ally with a banana skin half way down it.

Our official skin will be the guy in drag, and the car of choice anything with comedy value, a clowns collapsable car for instance. Our vehicle choices in VC will be the MrWhoopie, Baggage handler, Golf Buggy and the dingy. One for each Ally. Our VC skins of choice will probably be that Guy in stockings, panties, and little else ;-P

The gang is purely on an anyone can join basis. Gang members shall have no say about new entrants etc unless its 'damn that new guy is funny/not funny/too intelligent for me to follow his posts please can you translate it for me'. (Don't PM me or MrClinton with possible candidates - We dont care, we have no topic in IRC)

Some entry provisos are that you are funny in the forums and/or irc, have a minimum of ZERO posts and not tell unfunny jokes of lameness :twisted::P:twisted:


8) Dont Piss Basil Brush off =P

:D Don't piss anyone else off by being nasty, do it by veing funny(especially the other moderators and developers)

:) Don't Spam the forums (no thread excluded =)

:o Don't flame (at all =)

:lol: make genuinely funny comments about other gangs (we will beat them on the battlefield, and then joke them into submission, off of it =)

:twisted: Anything else anyone can think of that no-one can be bothered to post =)

Once again, this is not overly serious... we are here as a bit of a laugh, but we will at times (if provoked - not a smart move =) enter the fray as a gang, out to smash all oppostion etc etc etc (insert usual rant about how good we are. 'blah blah blah')

The official P.L.A.S.T.A channel is NON EXISTANT on irc.multitheftauto.com, just make one and be merry everyone =)

And be warned people... as of 20/10/03, we own about 0% of the forums =) - so total forum dominance is highly unlikely :twisted::twisted::twisted:

P.L.A.S.T.A - Owning all your base since MTA:VC0.2!

WARNING - P.L.A.S.T.A is right for everyone, may cause dementia, hallitosis, forum flames, spontaneous combustion, skitzophrenia, spam, addiction, ebola, the need to read webcomic archives religiously, sars and haemerroids (all at the same time). Please consult a psychologist and your talking pets before trying P.L.A.S.T.A or any other gang substitute.... Deskfuck and GoatApult are both registered trademarks and/or phrases of someone apparently and licensed for use by P.L.A.S.T.A members

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I feel this gang is a combination of late nights, drug use, and general insanity on Bump's part.

I decree that I am now part of PLASTA.

me - Honorary member of PLASTA :)


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I feel this gang is a combination of late nights, drug use, and general insanity on Bump's part.

really? damn now he has an excuse to do what he does......... i think bump is missing some happiness from his like... so il brigten it up :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: :smilecolros: did that help??? :P

excellent :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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Breaking news

Groucho may be leaving us, due to his 'I wouldnt want to be part of any group that would want me to be a member' policy.

Chris Farley is waiting in the wings to take his place if this happens. Although his demands of a constantly stocked box of banana sandwiches may cause ruptions in the ranks.

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