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Packer on the airport roof


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Now make a challenge that SM haven't done yet :)

I don't bother with challenges that they have already made.

BTW SM, do you play online a lot? I'd like to see you guys doing those stunts live :). I think i have seen couple of you some time ago but ASE doesn't find.

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Yeah we play online a lot, i just got back from playing for 3 hrs :D

Im a MTA addict and i have a problem

Ok i found your servers now when i did the buddy search

Ill check tomorrow(thursday) if any of guys are up there :).

I wanna do some live challenges.

I would be also really intrested to see how Gamefreek did the firetruck thing if he can still do it :). Must be somekind of glitch cos you have to get half of your car to that elevetor in order to get up.

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BTW SM, do you play online a lot? I'd like to see you guys doing those stunts live :). I think i have seen couple of you some time ago but ASE doesn't find.

I'm on almost everynight at around 2am PST (-8:00 GST).

I'll be on tonight till the wweeeeeeeeeee hours tomorrow, :lol: (my day off)

You can always find some of us in IRC, too

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Me, Chaos and xenex got bored and got a shitload of cars onto the airport roof. :P I think we played for almost 4 hours or something, quite fun. :) Except all the crashes when one of us had to get in and out of all the cars again. :P Anyway, here are my best screenies:


The best screenie of all the cars I've got, we had more cars up there though.


When all the cars blew up for me (but luckily not for the others, so xenex had to sync all of them again :P).


Screenie of the big gap Chaoswolf created after he blew up a shitload of the cars with his stupid PCJ. :cry:


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And here are my screenies.... :mrgreen:

43 vehicels in the shot, 44 if you count the Angel is there too but it feel over its behind the Barracks OL, :mopedsmile:


Helicopter shot. taken earlier that day...


This was our undoing, the cop car got stuck in the roof & I got trapped in it


I Swear I didnt know she was your Mom, dude!!! :boxing:


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I got the baggage on the roof without any cheats or mods at all!


It's rather easy to do... Just stop the baggage car at the peak of the jump (it's flat) and then get a fast car (I used the hotring racer) and go all the way back like you're going to jump normally. All you do is run straight into the baggage and it will be launched up onto the roof. I was lucky enough to have it land on it's wheels on the first try. I also tried with the bus and the whoopee, but they were both too heavy to be launched...

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BrianHodge86, Thats good thinking on the baggage car, I never thought to try that and good job on getting those trucks up too.

You know what this means dont you...? Now that I know they can be done I have to spend hours upon hours :( upons hours :? upon hours :shock: to get them up. :lol: (aaahhhhh hell, my life is over :P )

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