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You can't. Instead, try this code at the start of your gamemode

_getElementsByType = getElementsByType 
_spawnPlayer = spawnPlayer 
_destroyElement = destroyElement 
function getElementsByType(i, ...) 
    if i == "player" then 
       local tab = {} 
       for i,v in ipairs(_getElementsByType"player") do 
         if not getElementData("isDestroyed") then 
             tab[i] = v 
       return tab 
    else return _getElementsByType(i,...) 
function spawnPlayer(p,...) 
    setElementData(p, "isDestroyed", false, true) 
function destroyElement(e,...) 
    setElementData(e, "isDestroyed", true, true) 

it's untested. syntax is correct tho

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