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KFC> Server Staff Needed


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Hey guys, i have started a brand new RPG Server that i have been making the scripts ready for over the past few months but now i need some new Admins/SuperMods/Mods!

Do you think you have what it takes to help out and can you be responsible with your given rights?

Well either reply to this post or pm me please!

The RPG Includes:


Vehicle Shops

Weapon Shops (coming soon!)

House System (Coming Soon!)

Car Mods

Trainee Admin Panel (coming soon!)

Normal Admin Panel

and CPANEL (CPANEL belongs to Castillo not me)

Thanks :)

If you have any suggestions for a script then please contact me, but if you want to be a staff member then reply and ill inbox you!!!!

Also I am in need of Mappers, but you have to be experienced for all of staff jobs of example: you would need to know how to use admin panel to be an admin, you would need to know 75% of the admin panel for Super Moderator, you would need 50% for Moderator, and 25% for Trainee Admin!!! To be A Mapper you would need to show me your mapping skills :)



Ingame Nick:


and look for the KFC Server on the Server Browser!!!! :D

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