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30 seconds connectinglag by 100kb

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I have a small problem,

When connecting to my server, after map and server downloads, there is still a small kb that download (around 100kb)

Even when the server files are already downloaded, that small part always download after the map files.

The problem is that it gives maybe 20 to 30 lag to connect...

I did a test and started with empty server, adding resource by resource and reconnect each time

After it started to download it again. I disabled that resource and went on, but then it came again, with other resources. After three times i did it again and it was ok with the resource where it first came back when i tested it. So my oppinion is that its not a resource, i'm not 100% sure but could it be something alse? If yes what coulf it be?

Its just odd.. i coulnt find out in what resource the problem is, even if i test resource by resource..


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i think it are xml files from resources wich have xml files as client side,

i have checked at the downloaded files in my mta folder,

so first i downloaded all client side again, some time after i reconnect to the server, and i look at the date/hour of the downloads,

and i see that all xml files are downloaded then, the 100 kb i say are all xml files..

xml files like radio stations, modshops, animations ..

what could cause this? some time ago i didn't had this problem

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