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Best and worst video game voice acting ever…..vote.

Guest nycgamer

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Cast your vote for those games that deserve recognition for a job well done on the voice acting and also cast your vote for the games where the developers obviously used their younger brothers to do the game voices.

My vote for best:

Vice City (Yeah, I don't think anyone needs the link for this one) Ray Liotta… Need I say more?

TRON 2.0 (http://www.tron20.net) So much like the original movie… Even the guy who played the original Tron has a part.

Mafia (http://www.mafia-game.com/) This could be a movie already.

My vote for worst:

Resident Evil Code Veronica (http://www.capcom.com/recvx/) There are other badly voiced games, but they come in way behind. CV takes the cake.

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