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I just wanted to thank all of you guys, who use MTA and all the people who keep discussing at the forums and supporting MTA.. you are such a great public for us :D

Without you guys MTA wouldn't be so great, anyways.. and mind this is just the frontend of the 'perfect' gameplay that MTA will reach some day.. heheheh :BIG:


heh, this may be an useless post but i just felt like saying it

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Jack the Smack Wrote:

Don't you mean since Desert Combat?

Nope, Desert Combat (DC) did NOT reinvent game play or revolutionize its core game. Dont get me wrong I love it and still play DC but its just BF1942 with modern weapons and vehicals. You still play it the same and have the same goals as BF1942.

Now, Both Counter-Strike (CS) and MTA changed the way the game is played and what your goals are. CS is looked at as a Mile Stone in gaming history. All team base games released since then are judged by it.

MTA will be looked upon as a Mile Stone too. It has and continues to change how we play and enjoy Vice City. I think it has set a standard in Modding that others are already trying to get to.

Sorry to everyone who just read all that, if it sounded like I got up on a soapbox a preached I didnt mean it to.

Simply put...

Desert Combat is a MOD that changes BF1942's era

MTA is a MOD that redefinds Vice City's environment and game play

Now if you'll excuse me...I fell the MTA withdrawals coming on. :arcade:

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Yeah well ive played neither CS or DC, but i still think MTA is gonna up the bar for future game mods. Since they made one of the best games that was only for SP in MP, which ppl cant stop thanking u(i cant either)

Without you guys MTA wouldn't be so great, anyways.. and mind this is just the frontend of the 'perfect' gameplay that MTA will reach some day.. heheheh

I think the gameplay of MTA right now is perfect except for the crashes, which will be fixed with the patch

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Thank you for this game IJsVogel,

I think that MTA is a groundbreaking one of a kind mod, and all other innovations will be compared to MTA from now on. It is almost like Road Warrior the game. You have complete freedom to do whatever you want. You can just race or stunt or hunt someone down across an entire city. Truly amazing!

I have been playing MTA for about a month. I am still amazed by how well it works and the unlimited potential that this has. Vice City was an almost perfect game the only thing it was missing was multiplayer. The mark of a great original idea is that it seems obvious in hindsight.

I am annoyed when I read all the complaining posts about this problem or that. Constructive criticism is good when the aim is improving the game but some people really sound like ungrateful crybabies. MTA is the most fun and addictive game I have ever played and it is free! People get the same lag issues with any pay game they play. Sorry for the book but, I am not a big poster so I worked all of my issues in this one.


I am pretty skilled now and I am willing to prove it. I am looking to get into a good gang.

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lol freek i didn't say that, it was IJS... but yea we .. we love MTA, we love VC.. most of all we love our fans :-) Thanks for the community and the following its actually quite humbling to think that we are about to break 5 million hits....


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My friends and I talked about how insane GTA Mp Would be, and thanks to you guys, It's here, and like my new CraQ :D Thank you very much for all the hard work, and support in keeping the mod sweet as hell, and patching it up :)

Somery - Cudos, and Thanks :wink:

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